Why is Employee Motivation Important?

Why is employee motivation important to team and company success? Partly because its absence can cost a company a lot of money.

Employee motivation should be at the forefront of all managers' work strategies.

This is because you'll want to marry the goals of the company with the goals of your employees to ensure maximum productivity and to make the workplace run as efficiently as possible.

Employee Motivation Strategies

In order to understand what's required to motivate your employees, it's important that you get to understand what drives your workforce.

Naturally, some kind of employee incentives scheme with a rewards based employee motivation programme is one way of achieving the kind of results you desire.

However, it's also important to remember that employees are not solely motivated by money or other financial incentives.

There are many ways to reward employees and many different types of employee recognition and motivation schemes you may wish to introduce.

Why is Employee Motivation Important?

Firstly, as a company owner or manager, it's not necessarily going to be the case that all of your workers are going to be as motivated as you are. That's only natural. You have far more to gain (and to lose) if you own the company or are one of its leaders.

Whilst there will be some workers who are naturally motivated, there will be others who require some kind of stimulus if you're ever going to get them to be as productive as you want them to be.

So one answer to the question ' why is employee motivation important?' is that a motivated team, you can never hope to achieve the desired results for your company. Remember the old adage – "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink."

Employee Motivation Techniques You Should Consider

Employee motivation doesn't just rely on there being some kind of employee motivation scheme in place. You'll need to look at all areas which can affect motivation in general. An effective employee motivation programme can include:

  • Effective discipline
  • Treating the workforce fairly and equally
  • Satisfying workers' needs
  • Setting achievable goals that are related to the tasks to be completed
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Providing rewards and employee incentives

Myths About Motivation

Some companies have their own preferred methods for trying to encourage and increase employee motivation. The trouble is many of the strategies they adopt are either outdated or are as a result of misguided opinions.

These include companies who think that by instilling fear into employees and ruling with an iron rod that this will force the employees into doing things the way the company wants.

This only ever works in the extreme short term as the worker will inevitably look for another job if they feel they're being mistreated.

Bosses who think that whatever they find motivating must also motivate the workforce are also misguided. A lot of the time, therefore, a boss will introduce an employee motivation scheme with a large emphasis on financial incentives as it's often the pursuit of profit that a boss is interested in.

However, what they sometimes fail to remember is that workers are motivated by very different things. For some, it's the possibility of career development and promotion. For others, it may be a better work/life balance with, perhaps, the possibility of working flexitime or from home occasionally.

Ultimately, it's a case of getting to understand the needs of your workforce and what motivates them both individually and collectively if you want to increase employee motivation and have your company thrive and prosper.

The importance of employee motivation, therefore, lies in the fact that an unmotivated workforce will inevitably result in lower productivity, lower staff retention and more sickness absence - all of which can cost a company a lot of money.

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