What Makes a Good Team?

Do you know what makes a good team? Many people believe that putting highly skilled people together in a team will produce excellent teamwork and results. Not always!

In some cases, this works out. In far too many other cases, a lot more is needed to make a team good, or better yet, great. 

If you have talented individuals on the team, they will probably do their job and produce good results. They just might not rise to the level of great without the right conditions.

A Greater Cause

A great team needs a great cause. When striving for personal goals, you have no doubt learned to set specific goals. Teams need goals as well, but they have to be compelling goals.

Team Goals

What makes a good team includes having a clearly defined goal, reflecting what the leader or company wants the team to accomplish. However, a great team with effective teamwork will have a goal inspired by the group members which reflects something they find motivating.

The reason many teams never get to the point of creating their own greater cause is because they are locked into the goal defined by a team leader. Sometimes the team members don't have enough access to one another to put heads together and define a greater cause that is more inspiring to them. In other cases, the group dynamics are not warm and inviting so members do not feel free to express their personal views and desires.

Teams should have a goal or final expected result assigned by their group leader, but they should also have opportunities to freely discuss their own goals. It is in these brainstorm sessions that a great team will define a greater cause that keeps them motivated. In these situations, a team can surpass the goal initially set by the leader.

When working for a greater cause, every member of the team will have a greater sense of importance. When goals are reached, they have a greater sense of accomplishment because their goals were more important to them.

Team Bond

A great team will have a great bond. Team members that get along well and enjoy good working relationships will always be more productive than team members constantly feeling attacked or battling it out with one another. A good team can be productive with limited interaction as long as everyone knows what their job is within the group. A great team will be far more productive because they have consistent and open communication between members.

In many cases, the greater cause defined by the group becomes the glue that bonds the group. They feel as if they are members of an exclusive group striving to do something exceptional. This forms a bond that encourages members to communicate openly and work together in a very powerful manner. They are more than just a leader-assigned group with an assigned task.

Support – the Final Element in What Makes a Good Team

Both good and great teams will have excellent support. This comes in many forms, but essentially, everything the team needs to do their job and collaborate together is provided. If they need time to meet and put their heads together, then that is permitted within their working hours. If they need resources outside the office to complete their assignments, then that is provided to them.

Teams that don't feel supported or valued within the organization will never perform to the highest level they are capable of. This is one area where the leader of the group can work to set up a great team environment. 

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