What makes a good team event?

Read other visitors' opinions of what makes a good team building event, and add your own comments. In my opinion, what makes for a successful corporate team event depends on:

  • the objectives you are trying to achieve
  • the interests and needs of your team members, and
  • whether the event provides value for money.

If your aim is fun and team bonding, then the event is a success if everyone enjoys themselves.

If you want to achieve deeper goals, then it's about whether the team building event assists in making this happen.

However, I'd really love to hear what you think.

Read other visitor's opinions below and click on the comments link to share your own thoughts.

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One thats flawlessly organised
by: Kathy

I think it's important that participants can have a laugh and be relaxed so I'd say a good teambuilding event is one that's flawlessly organised, so there's no waiting around, wondering what to do. I'm a big fan of cooking events, particularly with a competition element (like a cook-off). A hectic kitchen can really get the adrenaline pumping and you really have to pull together to get the job done. Hard work but great fun!

Make the Team Think, Inspire and Energise
by: Billy

I am afraid I don't think team building should be about pampering, save that for after work or give someone a reward for achievement like a weekend away. A good teambuilding event should make the team think, inspire, and energise. Get people to see their colleagues differently, learn something, identify how to work together better, and one anothers strengths and weaknesses. Be creative, team building doesn't have to be expensive. Cookery day could be good but I still like the great outdoors, most people spend much of their lives in and office a change of scenery is good. My advice, bring in an expert there are lots of great teambuilding companies to choose from and a small investment could save your company a fortune in the long term.

An Element of Pampering
by: Liza

From a personal point of view I think that the best team building should have an element of pampering to it and if not quite as luxe as a spa day then at least to be ‘a relaxing, bonding experience’ as Charlie says. The boot camp experience has its place but I would prefer to do something that you look forward to rather than dread. I recently saw the Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead which has indoor slopes where it snows 3 times a week – I thought that would be fun for a team building day if budgets didn't cover a ski incentive! Otherwise I think cookery days are great. As to what makes a good team building event I agree that organisation is key and it doesn't work if there is too much waiting around for your turn or for others to take their turn. The main aim has to be that people come away feeling more motivated and/or more in tune with their teammates. How that's acheived in a directed way is the tricky part.

Not Too Structured
by: Charlie

Teambuilding that isn't too structured is the best. I've been to a few that are really regimented, which end up feeling more like a military training camp than a relaxing, bonding experience. I think the days of ropes, planks and ladders are over. Time to welcome in some interesting new concepts. The best new ones I've seen are sword fighting, drumming, cooking and driving days!

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