The Best Ideas for Volleyball Team Names

Looking for volleyball team names?

My list of more than 100 team name suggestions will help whether you are playing in social or serious competitions or corporate team events.

I used to play beach volleyball regularly a few years ago … and to be honest, I can’t remember our team’s name!

Obviously, it wasn’t very memorable.

We needed a list like the one below.

It contains the funniest, most clever and cool volleyball team names I could find on the web.

These days, I only play once or twice a year in corporate team events.

I work in the electricity industry, and our team name for a recent corporate games was Powaspikers. But I must admit, we were sadly lacking in the talent required to live up to our name!

Volleyball Team Names that Rock
(Music, Movies etc)

  • That’s the Way–uh huh, uh huh–I Spike It
  • We Will Block You
  • It's Just A Bump To The Left
  • Hit Me With Your Best Shot
  • Some Spike it Hot
  • Set Shorty
  • Settin' the City
  • Shoot to Thrill
  • Beavis & Bump-Head
  • To Kill a Rocking’ Serve
  • Mission: Unblockable!
  • How to kill a blocking nerd
  • Good volley ms molly
  • Blockbusters
  • Dirty Half Dozen
  • S*M*A*S*H

Beach Volleyball Team Name Ideas

  • Sand Blasters
  • Sand Storm
  • Clever/Dirty Beaches
  • The Sandeaters
  • The Sand Slingers
  • The Blazing Sunburns
  • Heads in the Sand
  • Sets On The Beach
  • Sonova Beach
  • Beach Babes/Boys

My favourite beach volleyball team name, though, is:

Four Play on the Sand.

I know that some competitions frown on team names with adult themes.

But I think it's a very witty name.

Drinking Volleyball Team Names

I’ve put together a separate list of funny team names about drinking. Those names could apply to any sport or corporate team event.

However, here’s a few just for volleyball…

Spiked Punch


Served with Ice

Loser Buys Dinks 

The Dinks Are On Us

Dinks & Drinks


The 6-pack

Anyone for Tennis?

Volleyball and tennis are such different games. But have you ever noticed how much of the terminology is the same? Serves, courts, nets, hits etc. So the names below might work for your favourite tennis team as well:

Served Hot

Quick Service


Serves you Right

Killer Serves

Serves of Steel

Spin Doctors

Court Jesters

Court Hogs

Net Assets

Net Masters

Net Results 

Hit Squad

Ty Breakers

Volleyball Team Names – Are you Into World Domination?

Some volleyball teams play to win at all costs! If you have a ‘take no prisoners’ attitude, then you need a name to match. How about these suggestions:

Killer Ins-Dink

Death at the Net

Death from Above

Set to Kill

Monster Spikes/Mass Spikes

Death By Bumping


SWAT team

Random Volleyance

Attack Pack



Team Names with Double Meanings

Lots of popular team names are based on well-known sayings with double meanings, like:

Passing Fancy

Set for life

Touch and Go

Dig this...

Pure Energy

Air Traffic Control

Block and awe

Take a Hit

Over the top

And I’m sure you’ve seen some of these volleyball names, using word play on sex/sets:

Gratuitous Sets & Violence, We Need Sets, Joy of Sets, Safe Sets, Sloppy Sets, Kinky Sets...

Plus so many more like this. Let your imagination loose!

Playing just for fun?

If you play in a social or company team that doesn’t take the game or yourselves too seriously, you might like these names:

We can’t dig…

All Sets are Off

Carry On

Major carriers

Hit and Miss

Plus some which could be good or bad, depending on your intentions!

Flying without a License

Caution: Low Roof 


Hit the Roof


Spiking, Tipping, Digging, Blocking and Bumping

And lastly … there are so many great volleyball team names to do with:

  • spiking,
  • tipping,
  • blocking,
  • bumping etc

that I couldn’t possibly include them all here.

Here’s some ideas to get you started …

  • Dig That
  • Spikin Sie Deutsche
  • Don’t Bump to Strangers
  • Spikers Unlimited
  • Tipping maniacs
  • Power tippers
  • We've seen better digging in a graveyard...
  • Things That Go Bump
  • Random Spike
  • Blocker Rockers
  • Block Magic
  • Atomic Block
  • Jump & Bump
  • Diggers With Attitudes
  • Bump it Up
  • Ba-Da-Bing Ba-Da-Bump
  • Spike-edelic (psychedelic)
  • Lightning Spike
  • Itsy Bitsy Spikers
  • Spiker Chicks
  • Spikers anonymous
  • Block party
  • Blockheads

I hope you’ve found the perfect name for your volleyball team here. Whether you’re playing in an upcoming serious competition or a fun corporate event… good luck!

p.s - If none of these names work for you, please share the name you come up with on our main Cool Team Names page.

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