Volley Rogers (Volleyball)

by Court Jester

I play on an indoor 6x6 Coed volleyball league in that encourages individuals to play. So my teams are not Corporate or a group of friends who got together. The playing is seasonal, so which each season starts a new set of teams. At times some teams return and some players on my team have returned. With a new set of players, I prefer to start fresh and that includes the team name. In not particular order:

Court Jesters, Gold Diggahs, Folleyball, InterNetters, Surfing The Net (we suggested that after the ball road the tape and then dropped in the other court just before going out), Friends Of Wilson.

We also had a hitter who with the last name of Santana, so for a time, we were called SantanasGreatestHits.

With the Volley Rogers we had the Jolley Roger Flag bandanas and pins with the flag, but with a pirate decked volleyball instead of a skull and bones. This summer we played outdoors and called ourselves Surfing The Net. We also had a sand colored T-shirts with a sand colored bandana with a net and surfer - though we played on grass, we keep the beach with us.

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