Virtual Choir...Individuals as Part of a Bigger Picture (TeamTube! video)

This video made me go 'wow!' Thinking about how people on opposite sides of the world who have never met could join together to create something beautiful. 185 voices. 243 tracks. 12 countries. You've never seen a choir like this one.

Composer Eric Whitacre offered a musical piece he'd composed as a free download and invited singers to submit a video of themselves performing one part (soprano, alto, tenor, or bass). These videos of solo performances were then pieced together to form a choir of singers who have never met each other...

From a team perspective, I find this concept thought-provoking.

Obviously the singers didn't hear or speak to anyone else. They couldn't tell what the end result would be. Each of them probably had a different mental picture of the final outcome.

After you watch this video, I'd encourage you to think about a couple of points:

  • How do your individual actions, small or large, fit into the larger picture?
  • How do you ensure all members of your team know the bigger goal and the part they can play?
  • What can you do to make 'harmony' out of the efforts of a group of individuals?

If you're part of a virtual team, you might also think of getting your team members to watch this video and contribute comments about what it means to them.

Perhaps you could start a discussion of the following questions:
  • What does this say about virtual teamwork and what is possible?
  • How can we use technology to explore how we can take our virtual team even further?
  • What factors existed which made this remote collaboration successful?

This social media experiment takes virtual to another level. I think it has a lot to teach us about how we are all connected, and what can be achieved if we can harness the power of cooperation among strangers.

For a light-hearted look at the value of teamwork, you could also take a look at this funny two-minute video by Igniter Media.

It also uses technology and the musical harmony of different voices to convey a message about teamwork, but couldn't be more different to the virtual choir video.

It's likely to create chuckles, rather than inspiration, but the message is a good one!

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