Training Ice Breakers

Fun group games and exercises to get your training off to a good start...

I've participated in many training ice breakers during my working life so far.

Sometimes the simplest exercises are the most effective, especially when strangers come face to face for the first time.

Use an icebreaker game at your next training to:

  • make sure everyone is awake and energised
  • help people get to know one another
  • build a positive group atmosphere
  • encourage active participation in the training

Introductions: I'm sure we've all been to a training session where the first step is to ask each person to introduce themselves to the group and say what section of the company (or what organisation) they work for. Years ago I participated in a very simple variation on the standard 'introduce yourself' group exercise, and I've remembered it ever since. 

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Walking and Talking: Here is an interesting technique for beginning to build connections with the members of any group. The kinesthetic nature of this activity will energize your participants while they begin forming connection with the other members of the group. This activity requires no equipment, but it is helpful to have sufficient space for the entire group to walk together without bumping into each other. 

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Tell Me: This rotational 'getting to know you' activity is simple to organise. Arrange your group in pairs, get them to ask questions of their 'partner' and then rotate so that people get to find out more about others in the group. The description of this icebreaker includes suggested questions to help with the 'getting to know you' and trust-building process. 

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I'm still collecting other training icebreakers for this website. In the meantime, I think you'll enjoy this video about teamwork, collaboration and a team building exercise called “The Marshmellow Problem”.

Tom Wujec discusses a fun team exercise and what it teaches us about groups and teamwork. Including why playing and being willing to fail is important in success. Enjoy!

Are you a corporate team building consultant, training facilitator or human resources professional? Or just someone who has participated in training courses? to Submit your favourite training ice breakers here. As long as the submission is of high quality and suits the audience of this website, we'll add it to this page. If you have a website, you may ask to be credited for submitting the game with a link back to your site.

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