The Team That Cooks Together, Grows Together

by Melissa

Ready, set, cook!

Ready, set, cook!

This is the second year that our annual team building event has taken place at the same location. It's a place called Truffles and Trifles, where we were assigned to a team and each team cooked two dishes.

The teams were fairly comprised of people who didn't interact with each other on a regular basis based upon their positions and/or departments, so it was a wonderful, relaxed way to get to know some of the people we just said hello to in the hall each day.

We had a few hours to prepare our dishes and once everything was finished, they foods were displayed buffet-style and everyone made a plate and sat down to eat together.

Cooking with other people requires an ability to work together as a team rather than as one person. It encourages interaction, conversation and playfulness.

Since this was our second year, I've had two opportunities to get to know more people in my office. I'm sure that everyone would agree that these events are ones we look forward to each year, being able to socialize in a casual (read: stress-free!) environment. It helps us all to work better together in the office and feel more like part of a team because we know more people on a more personal level.

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Sounds fun!
by: Alison from Team Building Bonanza

Thanks so much for sharing your story Melissa. I particularly like what you said about encouraging conversation and playfulness.... playfulness is something we adults need more of in our lives! And it's a great way to get to know our work colleagues better.

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