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Watch great teamwork videos here on TeamTube!

It's my personal collection of interesting and inspiring videos about building effective teams, collaboration and cooperation. One of my favourites is inspired by the power of a flock of geese.

In a few short minutes, videos have the power to inspire ... to teach ... to create help imagine possibilities.

Videos have power: 

  • Memorable images 
  • Inspirational stories
  • Messages with impact.

This section of my website shares the best teamwork videos I can find.  To spread the positive power of working together.  And to provide inspiration for building great teams everywhere...

As I come across videos I like, I'll be adding them here.   Sign up to my blog if you want to be kept updated about new videos as they are posted.

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Do you know of a great video showing good teamwork in action, or with a powerful message about building effective teams and teamwork?

TeamTube! Our Teamwork Video Collection

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A Funny Way to Display Teamwork 
This creative and funny clip is one of my favorite teamwork videos. A comedy duo – Johhny and Chachi - take a simple idea and build it into a humorous …

Does Your Team Operate Like a
Well Oiled Machine?
Accuracy, precision, focus on quality and forward planning … Does your team have these characteristics? This Honda television advertisement shows the importance …

Nature Demonstrates the Best Teamwork 
Want examples of teamwork in action? This fun Coca Cola advertisement may be what you’re looking for. All working in military precision, a team of lady …

Guidelines for Effective Teamwork 
This 8-minute video explains five guidelines for effective teamwork. It contains some humourous clips, plus excerpts from an interview with a university …

A Video of Team Building Quotes  
This video shows teamwork quotes and images set to music. It contains many of the great sayings in our team building quote collection . If you’d like …

An Inspirational Closure for your Next Training Program  
This inspirational video asks a series of thought-provoking questions. And therefore encourages individuals and teams to think about what they can do …

Teamwork Goals - Team Brilliance on the Soccer Field 
Elite sporting teams are made up of incredibly talented individuals. However, the collection of soccer goals in this 3-minute video shows the magic of …

Virtual Choir...Individuals as Part of a Bigger Picture (TeamTube! video) 
This video made me go 'wow!' Thinking about how people on opposite sides of the world who have never met could join together to create something beautiful. …

Awesome Teamwork Examples: Silent Monks Singing... (TeamTube! Video) 
These amazing creative arts performances - shadow theatre and a highly entertaining rendition of Handel's Messiah - demonstrate great teamwork in action. …

Blue Angels: The Power of Teamwork (TeamTube! Video) 
The Blue Angels, the US Navy's world renowned flight exhibition team, is famous for its amazing aerobatics. But its teamwork is no less amazing if you …

The Power of Fun to Change Behaviour (TeamTube! video)  
I just love this video! If something is fun, it's human nature to want to do more of it... So why not think about how you can harness this power with …

Reach the Summit with Teamwork (TeamTube! Video)  
A mountain climbing expedition team leader shares the message that the vast majority of climbers reach the summit because they are part of a team. …

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