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Free teamwork training is available with our online e-course.

Learn teamwork concepts in your own way… either go through the teamwork articles in logical order, or jump straight to the topic you’re interested in.

Below you’ll find a course outline of the teamwork training material. Click on the links to go to the educational articles on teamwork for each topic.

If you have any questions that aren’t answered by our e-course, you’re also welcome to submit a question, and we’ll do our best to answer it.

Teamwork Training Course Outline:

Fundamentals of Effective Teamwork

Module 1: What is Teamwork

If you’re new to the whole area of team building and how to create high performance teams, there are some basic teamwork concepts to get your head around, like:

This first section of the e-course also provides some different perspectives on the meaning of teamwork:

  • A Teamwork Definition dissected … understanding the different elements in a deeper way
  • The Definition of Teamwork and lessons it holds for leaders
  • Applying the definition of collaboration and teamwork in the workplace
  • Quotes that Define Teamwork: What Teamwork Means to Different People

Module 2: Importance of Teamwork

After completing this teamwork training module, you’ll be able to confidently answer the question: “Why is Teamwork Important”?

Explore different angles of this topic as follows:

Module 3: Teamwork Theories

You don't need to read an academic textbook to learn from teamwork theories:

Also worthwhile reading is our mini book summary of 'The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork' by John Maxwell.

Module 4: What Makes A Good Team

We all want to be part of a great team! But what does team excellence look like?

Further Reading and Resources

  • Teaching Teamwork to Others
  • Recommended Teamwork Books
  • Teamwork article favourites - Our Top 5 Most Popular Teamwork Articles
  • More Articles on teamwork by our panel of experts
  • Latest teamwork articles. Updated daily from around the internet

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