Teamwork Theories – 
Influential Concepts about Teams and Teamwork

Teamwork theories can help anyone interested in improving the performance of teams in the workplace. So we’ve put together a quick and easy overview.

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If you are looking for academic information about a particular theory, this page won’t be for you.

But if you’re searching for information about teamwork principles because you’re trying to get a better understanding of something happening in your own workplace, keep reading...

As a team leader, I know that not many people have the time 
(or the desire!) to read theoretical textbooks.

Most of us just want a quick and easy way to understand the most important corporate team building techniques and concepts.

So I’m putting together a list of useful articles about teamwork theories. The collection is still a little small, but I aim to provide you articles which:

  • clearly summarise the relevant theory about teams and teamwork
  • Provide insight into how to apply the concepts to the teams in your workplace.

Theories Made Simple

  1. Stages of Team Development

  2. The stages of team development is one of the most famous theories about teams and teamwork. This article provides an excellent summary for busy people. It describes the dynamics and needs of a team as it passes through the different stages of team development.

  3. Early Origins of Teambuilding

  4. This article provides some insights into the history of teamwork and team building....and shows that early productivity theories provide some lessons that are relevant for teams in the workplace today.

  5. Experiential Learning Theory

  6. Experiential learning theory is all about 'learning by doing'. It is the basis of a lot of modern theories of adult learning and training. Here we outline a few key concepts from experiential learning theory ...

  7. Belbins Team Roles

    Belbins Team Roles Model is one of the more famous teamwork theories. Here we share some thoughts from a renowned corporate pyschologist on its relevance, plus you can find out more about the nine team member roles in Belbins model.

You may also be interested in our section on Common Team Building Questions. It covers some team building basics, such as ‘why is employee motivation important’ etc.

Or for a more detailed how-to guide, see The Teamwork Ebook. 

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