Teamwork Benefits in the High-Stress Environment

Teamwork benefits don’t just arise when everything runs smoothly. Say you operate in a very intense industry. 

Your business is fast paced and everyone feels the pressure to do their absolute best or at times, even better than their best. Can teamwork help?

Teamwork Benefits

When your employees work on a lot of urgent projects, there may be no room for error. Tension can stand in the way of personal relationships within the office as one employee places strain and demand upon another employee. Everyone seems to be wound tight and ready to explode at the smallest mistake.

How can teamwork improve the functioning of your high-stress organization? Believe it or not, this is the type of atmosphere where the importance of teamwork is more obvious!

Relieving Individual Stress

When you assign high stress projects to one person, they are all alone in their world of fear and tension. They feel the stress and have no one to vent to or share the load with because all the work is on their shoulders. Take the same high stress project and assign it to a team and something amazing can happen. The team members support one another, share the load, and collaborate together to relieve the stressful elements of the project.

Suddenly, the project isn't so bad because it is being completed by a larger machine. One person isn't isolated in the agony of stress because that stress is distributed and shared with others. The teamwork benefits of everyone on the team doing their job and communicating well with the others, means the project will be less stressful for everyone. It will also likely be completed much faster than it would have been completed by one person. Customers are happier and the team can move on to the next project or problem.

The biggest benefit here is that you have relieved the stress level for individual employees. They are able to share that stress and vent collaboratively to make things better. The failure or success of the project is not squarely on one person's shoulders, yet they are motivated to do their best because they will be reflected in the results along with the rest of the group.

If something fails, no one wants to be identified by the group as the bad link in the machine. So, they all try their best, just with less stress.

Organization Culture

Remember our discussion about the culture of your organization? This applies to the super high stress environment more than other environments. It is very easy for a stressful work environment to sabotage the culture of the company. If you can strike a balance where the stress is felt and the work gets done but the culture is still friendly and open, you can be one of those few high-stress offices that actually retain employees for many years.

This is possible! Anyone who has worked in a high stress environment may doubt it, but it is possible to relieve some stress on the individual level and allow employees to bond on the group level. The stress is still there, you are just pushing it to a new level so individuals feel more connected and supported while stressed.

You’ll end up with happier employees and lower turnover in the office. You are more productive than ever and customers are happier than ever. A win for everyone! 

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