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Review of Cheap Design Service

Under $100 for team logos and mascots design? Too good to be true?...

I came across an online logo design company while researching my page about mascot team names (coming soon)

Logonerds offers a fixed price package (US$97) for creation of a mascot character design for your team logo, Tshirt etc.

This sounded pretty cheap to me.

Custom graphic design of team logos and mascots is usually fairly expensive because it takes time to draw team mascots well.

So I thought I'd check it out. Below is a review of my experience with this supplier. If you're looking for design services for a team mascot character, I hope it's helpful.

My Experience Getting a Mascot Design

January 19, 2011 - Placing My First Order

I'm often a little dubious about buying things on the internet from companies I've never heard of. There's always the chance of paying money and never hearing from them again.

So because I don't know anyone who has used Logonerds before, I decided to 'start small'. Tonight I asked them to create a simple graphic for my website. I figure $17 isn't too much to lose if they are hopeless! Creating a mascot character design for my team can come later...

This evening, I placed an order on the Logonerds site....very straightforward. My instructions:

I am planning to create a new right hand column for my The banner will be part of this new right column and link to a page of free resources. Banner colour/s should attract attention but suit existing site theme. No fixed ideas for banner images or layout - perhaps a thumbs up? Or 'free' as a special graphic feature? Banner text: Free Resources and Support Click here for team building freebies.

January 21, 2011 - Design Concept Arrives

Well, I got an automatic response confirming my order and 48 hours later, my banner ad design arrived in my inbox.

banner graphic free team building resources

Oh no! Not what I had in mind! 
Too garish, too many colours all together and not consistent with the look and feel of my existing website. And I particularly don't like the poor readability of the 'click here' message.

Logonerds offers free revisions, so I immediately sent back the above feedback.

And a request to provide an alternative concept:

Sorry, but this banner concept does not meet my requirements. Please submit an alternative concept, with:- colours that complement, rather than clash, with my existing site header and nav bar, plus a different layout and style that is more 'subtle' and readable

To assist you understand the style I want, I like the banners in your portfolio for perfect press and healthpure. Both use simple clean colours and designs, with a 'corporate' look.

January 25, 2011 - Revised Banner - Much Better!

After a wait of a few days (mostly over the weekend), my revised banner artwork arrived today. I'm much happier.

mascot design logo banner design

At least the designer looked at my site colours and design this time!

I'd still like to tweak it a little, but it's getting close to what I wanted.

I sent back some feedback:

I like the general concept. Please come back with a couple of options:

1. Larger font for text 'resources and support'. And a different colour for the word 'FREE' - but still fitting my site theme.

2. An option using a variation on the text to make it fit better. Perhaps FREE Resources and Support ... Team Building Freebies ... Click here.

January 26, 2011 - Version 3 ...Super Fast Response!

I got the revised concepts below in less than 24 hours. The changes I asked for weren't too major, but it was still nice to get such a quick turnaround from Logonerds.

And I'm loving the fact that all these changes aren't costing me anything extra. 

It's still all for the initial $17. 

Great value!

January 28, 2011 - Job Complete! 

I got my most recent requested changes through tonight ... 

I asked for a variation with a different way of displaying the words 'team building freebies'.

I'm still not quite sure which one I'm going to use.

But I'm happy with what Logonerds has delivered.

So I will be going ahead with my plan to test out their team logos and mascots design service. 

Keep an eye out for my story on getting a design for a team mascot character for my hockey team ... 

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