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Free team building training is available with our online e-course.

See the course outline of the teambuilding training material below. Click on the links to go to the team building articles covering each topic.

If you have any questions that aren’t answered by our e-course, you’re also welcome to submit a question, and we’ll do our best to answer it.

Team Building Training Course Outline:

Creating High Team Performance

Module 1: An Introduction to Team Building

Topics covered in this module:

Module 2: Getting Started

It's important to do some groundwork before you begin any team building:

  • Creating high team performance – where to start?
  • Important team building skills to master
  • Defining the importance of team building to YOUR team
  • Understanding team building techniques
  • Which team building methods are right for my team?
  • Using a teamwork assessment tool can be a good idea
  • Planning a corporate team building program

Module 3: Team Building Tips

In this module, you'll learn general team building tips, as well as some specific tips and hints for implementing team building activities.

Module 4: Workplace Team Building

Major team building initiatives should always be complemented by smaller, regular activities within the workplace. In this module, you'll learn strategies for this very important component of team building:

  • Improving teamwork in the workplace
  • Team building in the workplace
  • Enhance team building through communication
  • Having fun in the workplace
  • National fun at work day ideas
  • Celebrating employee appreciation week
  • Fish team building principles

Further Reading and Resources

If you haven't already reviewed our teamwork training e-course, don't miss the 'Fundamentals of Teamwork' course outline. 

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