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If you're looking for questions to use in a team building 'getting to know you' exercise, take a look at this training icebreaker.

There's also an e-book available from this site which answers questions like 'How to Form Work Teams', and 'How to Develop Team Cohesiveness'. 

Questions and Answers:

What are the Characteristics of High Performance Teams in the Workplace? Understand the ten key elements of high performing teams in the workplace, and you'll be a lot closer to getting great results from your own team.

What are the Top 5 Team Building Strategies? Looking for a quick introduction to high performance team building strategies? These top five ideas will set you on the right path to improving work performance for your team.

Why is Employee Motivation Important? Employee motivation should be at the forefront of all company owners' and managers' work strategies. This is because you'll want to marry the goals of the company with the goals of your employees to ensure maximum productivity and to make the workplace run as efficiently as possible. 

Which Team Building Methods are Right for My Team? Team building methods can be grouped into two broad categories : (1) shared experience and (2) behaviour change. How do you know which one to choose? 

Is there a tried and true formula for successful corporate business events? Your corporate business events will really deliver results if you incorporate this simple three-part formula for team building success: Recognize, reward and motivate. 

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Is there a risk that team building exercises can be seen as just fun? 
Question: Is there a risk that exercises like this can be seen as just fun? My Answer: It is possible that your team will see team building …

What is a team name which will energise my team members? 
I run an insurance advisors team. I want to give a name to my team - something which symbolizes speed and dignity. Can you help? My Answer …

Can you give me some examples of how I can recognise a team member? 
I need to write a recognition speech to acknowledge the efforts of someone in my team. How can I write this? Can you help with some examples please? …

What are some ideas on team building/marketing that can be done via an online meeting? 
My architecture company has four offices and we meet weekly using a web-based meeting program. It’s my responsibility to host the next meeting but I am …

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Still want more? The Teamwork Ebook is by a best-selling management author and covers these team building questions:

  • How to form work teams
  • How to develop team cohesiveness
  • How to create a workplace where team members want to be
  • How to build and lead an effective executive team
  • How to get on well with other people in your team
  • How to deal with difficult people in your team
  • How to put some fun into your role as a team leader
  • How to conduct a workshop
  • How to ensure your next company conference is a success
  • How to get the most out of your next staff retreat.

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