Team Building Important to Healthy Work Environment

by Sharron

At Brown•Miller Communications we’re all pretty health conscious. And part of our healthy outlook includes maintaining a healthy work environment. In keeping with that philosophy, every year our office sets aside a work day for team building, a day we’ve dubbed the “BMC Play Day.”

This annual event gives us all an opportunity to laugh and play together while we work on a project or share an adventure.

In past years, the BMC team has kayaked on the Oakland Estuary, sailed the San Francisco Bay, gone horseback riding at Bodega Bay, milked a goat, participated in a cooking class at the now-defunct COPIA, raced one another around the track in a go kart and roamed the streets of San Francisco’s Mission District following directives from our Go Game coordinator. During the Go Game, we videotaped our group performing a creative dance routine, sat on rocks by the police station posing as the Thinker, created a living sculpture in shadow and tried to set the record for stuffing marshmallows in one’s mouth. This year we traipsed around Sonoma’s town square trying to solve a murder mystery.

Sound silly? Sure, some of our outings definitely have had their silly moments, but they’ve also been very rewarding in that they have given us all an opportunity to kick back and enjoy one another’s company, thereby allowing us to strengthen our relationships. After having had this day to laugh and play together, we return to the office reinvigorated and ready to get back to the work at hand.

If possible, I highly recommend that you take some time out from your busy work schedules to get to know your workmates better. It doesn’t have to be a full day away from the office. Get creative, and just have fun. It pays huge dividends in being able to maintain a healthy work environment.

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