D.I.Y. Team Building Ideas and Activities

Fun team building ideas and activities that you can run yourself are a great way to save time and money.

Not sure how?

Well, one way is to buy an 'off-the-shelf' package put together by a professional team building company. These type of programs typically contain everything you need for a do-it-yourself event.

You'll benefit from all of the company's experience with what team building ideas work and which ones don't. Plus you'll:

  • save masses of time in preparation
  • avoid needing to put together materials and resources from scratch
  • get tips on how to make the activity a success.

When DIY Makes Sense

For me, it's the preparation involved that is daunting in organising team building activites myself. 

fun team building activities

I'm comfortable with actually running an activity on the day. I expect you are too.

After all, you're probably used to facilitating team meetings and coordinating work activities with your team, aren't you?

So, it can make sense to take advantage of all the hard work done by someone else.

Particularly if you are looking to do some fun team building activities on a budget.

With DIY packages, you'll save thousands of dollars compared to engaging a team building company.

Do It Yourself packages may also suit those of you who live in a small town or regional area where professional team building companies aren't plentiful.

You can get all the benefits of professionally designed and researched programs not usually easily available.

What is Included?

So what do you get with one of these packages?

Well, of course there are different options available. I'm going to share more resources as I come across them, but for now I suggest you check out the DIY team building ideas available from Funergizers.

Their packages come with a money-back guarantee and include:

  1. full step-by-step instructions
  2. how-to videos so you can quickly and easily see exactly what's involved
  3. printable support materials
  4. tips to run the team building activities effectively

Two of their most popular packages include:


A quick and fun team challenge to arrange yourself. Complete a range of 'dares' and capture the results on camera!


fun office team building games to play

Play, laugh and interact together with this fun series of team- based games and activities. 

So, I hope you enjoy checking out these DIY fun team building activities. If you decide to do one of these activities with your team, I'd love you to come back and share your story of how it all went!

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