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Looking for a team building consultant to carry out some structured team facilitation or work with your team on improving work performance?

Or perhaps you run a team building company, and want to find great people to provide some extra support.

This section - 

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is in response to a suggestion from a recent visitor to my site:

“The key to great teambuilding companies is great people. You should add a section that allows facilitators to connect with companies.”

Obviously it will take some time for this part of my website to get established.

So if you came here, and didn't find what you wanted, thanks for your patience.

If you are an independent teambuilding facilitator or consultant, please fill in the form below. It's free! It allows you to create your own page on my website to offer your services to customers and companies.

Team facilitation is a broad field, so please provide a few details of what you specialise in. For example:

  1. designing corporate team building programs
  2. leading corporate team building excersizes
  3. coaching for improved work performance
  4. facilitating leadership team strategy sessions
  5. and probably lots more...

Tell us about the services you offer...

Connect with new customers and companies by listing your services here.

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Click below to see contributions from other team building consultants and facilitators..

(Phillipines, Metro Manila) iLeap Consulting Training and Team Building Provider 
Team learning is the Process of aligning and developing the capacity of a team to create the results its members desire. It builds on the discipline of …

Jef Menguin, Team Building Facilitator in the Philippines 
We like to be of help to you. We design and facilitate team building programs all over the Philippines. If there is anything we can do to help you, please …

Itwerkz Global Team Building Technologist Not rated yet
We are a specialist in using Psychometric Preference, Motivation Profiling and Instructional System Design (ISD) for the purpose of Team Building, Personal …

CMI, Chicago, IL Not rated yet
CMI is the Chicagoland expert in corporate team building and strategic business planning. Since 1984, CMI has helped develop and grow companies …

(USA, Texas) Jill Hickman Not rated yet
Jill provides the consultative expertise that you and your organization need, working with you or your employees to achieve specific goals in growth, productivity …

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