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Team building articles and books have helped me through several leadership challenges.

If you're after inspiration or information about teams in the workplace, I hope you find something useful in my (still growing) collection. I also suggest you check out this great-value ebook I've found about building teams and teamwork.

As a busy manager, I know how hard it can be to find time to read.

So here's my promise to you …

Each of the articles below has been selected personally by me to provide useful perspectives on team building. As I find something during my research that I think would be of value to you, my reader, I'll add it.

In some cases, I've written the articles myself, but usually I draw on team building experts.

As for the leadership and team building books you'll find mentioned on this site; I've either read them myself or they have been recommended by site visitors.

[If you've read a great book about teams and teamwork, I'd love you to share what you learnt from it. Send me a note via my Contact page ]

Our Library of Articles:

Effective Team Building Basics ... 4 Common Pitfalls and 4 Keys to Success. This article by the founder of a Colorado-based team building firm outlines some team building basics for creating effective team building programs, including how to avoid common pitfalls.

Benefits of Storytelling as a Team Building Technique 

The benefits of storytelling in organizations isn’t well known. However, “Storytelling is the single most powerful tool in a leader’s toolkit,” according to Harvard University professor, Dr. Howard Gardner, Author, Changing Minds.

An Introduction to Teamwork Theories 

Teamwork theories can help anyone interested in improving the performance of teams in the workplace. So we’ve put together a quick and easy overview.

Importance of Communication, Collaboration and Community 

Some interesting thoughts on how to incorporate these 3C's into your corporate team building program inspired by an article by a Canadian leadership and strategic planning coach.

Using Myers Briggs Decriptions to Improve Teamwork 

Myers Briggs descriptions and personality types provide insight into the behavior of individuals and groups. Here we share some strategies to assist different personality types in working together better.

More team building tips and articles are available in our team building questions and answers section. Or perhaps you'd be interested in reading a couple more team building articles on:

Seven Steps to Choosing the Right Teambuilding Company, or

Tips for Employee Team Building on a Budget.

Our Mini Book Summaries:

Storytelling Ideas for Work Teams: “Squirrel Inc.”

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