Speed (Work Team)

by Srimathi

We are basically a work team; we chose our name to reflect a team objective and provide a theme to focus on. More specifically we are a group of marketing professionals working for an IT company.

Anyone who has had a marketing team in their company would know that there is always something different, vibrant and special about the Marketing team and its people.

As marketing is responsible to possess and spread the energy inside and outside (in the market place) the company, we built a team that could be true to this belief.

We wanted to have an objective for ourselves. We wanted to be different and wanted to have a 'Unique Selling Proposition' that could complement the kind of business we are in and also the other teams that work with us.

We often worked with our Sales Team that had requirements with very short deadlines and they were so important as they were client facing.

So we decided to call ourselves "Speed" and said that we could deliver faster than any other team in the company. We had a special badge designed for ourselves that had a unique code to represent each member.

And every member is called "Speed Woman" or Speed Man". Based on our date of joining the team, each of us are assigned a single alphabet (e.g. Speed Man A).

We had a single theme to focus on and gathered all our efforts to accomplish this. And eventually had a team that the rest of the company could rely on for faster deliverables.

We have a physical networking space, a graffiti board sort of thing called "faceboard" where each of us would share how we did a particular task faster and what made the real difference. This board was of course visible for everybody else in the company and a big hit.

We are a real success and I personally feel so energetic and motivated to work in a team like this.

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A Common Goal Leads to Team Success

Thanks Srimathi for this story... I like the way your name helps your team focus on the objective of faster deliverables.

One of the key characteristics of a successful team is that the team has a common goal.

Other visitors who read the story about your team name might like to read this page on
team building tips for building a great team.

The first tip is:
  • communicate team goals clearly and often

Clearly your team already understands this very well!

Thanks for sharing your story on my website, Ali from Team Building Bonanza.

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