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Team Building Quotes

My Top 30 Quotes page provides an overview of our team building quotes collection. And also some great ideas for using teamwork sayings.

If you're looking for a specific quote, use the search tool on the 
Find a Teamwork Quote page.

It also contains a mini site map of all our quotes so you can quickly browse to find the category you are interested in.

If you'd like a gift book of team quotes to share the inspiration, see these 'Books of Quotes..Teamwork Motivational Quotes and Slogans'.

Poetry and Short Stories

For further inspiration, visit our teamwork poetry page. Or enjoy these stories about teams and teamwork and other fun stuff:

We're also putting together a list of really cool websites to help you share your team building story with friends and colleagues.

Ideas for Team Names

We know coming up with ideas for creative team names can be a challenge, so we've put together some tips to make choosing a team name easier.

We've done the brainstorming and research for you with our:

You'll also find:

We want to build a really a good team names list on this website, so please share your cool team names and tell us a little about your team! Or share your team mottos and team spirit slogans with other site visitors.

You can also check out our Quiz Ideas for NFL, NBA and Other Major League Team Names. Or read our supplier review about getting designs for your team logos and mascots.

Next Some Ideas ...

This section contains a list of more than 50 ideas for corporate team building activities. Our aim is to eventually provide more details about each activity. The first of these detailed pages covers

We also have some links to 'off-the-shelf' DIY team building ideas.

Our Fun Team Building Games and Exercises collection has its first entries in the 

Then Some Information...

In this section, we're creating a library of team building articles: 

  1. Effective Team Building Basics - 4 Common Pitfalls and Keys to Success
  2. Benefits of Storytelling as a Team Building Technique
  3. Tips for Employee Team Building on a Budget
  4. A Quick and Easy Overview of Teamwork Theories including:
  1. Importance of Communication in a Corporate Team Building Program

  2. What is a Team, and do you need one?

  3. What is Collaboration and how is it different from teamwork?

  4. What is Cooperation … is that really what teamwork is all about?

  5. The Top 10 Benefits of Teamwork

  6. The Importance of Teamwork in Sales Teams

  7. Teamwork Benefits in High Stress Situations

  8. Using Myers Briggs Descriptions and Personality Types to Improve Teamwork

  9. What Makes a Great Team?

See also our team building tips, books on team building icebreakers and mini book summaries:

And answers to many common team building questions like:

Some great team building resources are also on the way. Here's some useful team building tools:

And lastly...check out local team building services in our directory of the best team building companies and independent consultants and facilitators.

You'll also find an article in this section which contains 7 Tips for Choosing Teambuilding Companies.

In my recent travels around the internet, I've come across some great websites. A few provide resources that I expect you, my visitor, will find helpful. So please explore what they offer related to motivation in the workplace.

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