Say Your Name Three Times

by Alison
(Team Building Bonanza)

Years ago I participated in a variation on the standard 'introduce yourself'; group exercise, and I've remembered it ever since. I'm sure we've all been to a training session where the first step is to ask each person to introduce themselves to the group and say what section of the company (or what organisation) they work for.

Sometimes there isn't time to play a more involved game. And sometimes a simple introduction exercise is a good way to warm everyone up before launching into the training program or some fun group games.

This variation on the standard “Introduce Yourself” request is so simple, but I remember it being quite effective. I'll call it:

“Say Your Name Three Times”.

Basically, the instructions are to ask each person to:
  • introduce themselves to the group
  • say what work they do
  • use their own name in their introduction three times.

Of course, hearing a name three times has the benefit of helping other participants remember the person's name. But what I loved about the exercise was the way it allowed everyone to show a little of their personality in the way they introduced themselves.

Some people chose to reveal some personal information, which helps to build a sense of connection.

For example, someone said:
“My name is Toni, with an 'i'. I have two brothers and my parents were convinced they were having another boy. They had chosen the names Tony for my first name and Michael for my second name. When I turned up a girl ... I got called Toni Mikaela.”

Another was from a different culture, and gave the group a two minute description of the meaning of her name and why it was such a popular name in her home country.

Of course, there is always one person in a group who isn't so creative or comfortable talking to a group. That person simply said:
“ My name is George, I can't think of what else to say, so I'll just say it again, George and again, George.”
He got a few smiles, and people remembered his name. Which after all, is the main point of these type of introductory training ice breakers!

All in all, it was a quick, simple and non-threatening way to get people to introduce themselves. And I even heard someone start a conversation in the morning tea break about what someone had said about their name at the start of the session.

So it was a useful effective ice breaker that helped the group get to know one another and build connections.

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good ice breaker
by: Anonymous

A real useful ice breaker. Thanx

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