Racing GoKarts... 
A Fun Way to Get Your Team On Track

Look no further than racing gokarts if you want to get a workforce fired up. Here, we take a closer look at the world of corporate karting. How do sessions work? What are the specific benefits?

Most importantly – is it suited to your aims and objectives?

Why choose racing gokarts
as a team building activity?

Many organisations choose karting just for some fun team bonding to build team cohesion.

However, this particular pursuit isn’t just about employee motivation and retention.

A well designed session has benefits that can be easily transferred to the workplace.

Karting can develop qualities needed to foster high team performance. Here’s why:

racing gokarts team building activity
  1. Sessions have a clear purpose – get round the track in the fastest time.
  2. All team members have to cooperate effectively achieve this common goal.
  3. Events can be designed so participants have to pool their skills and perform to a high level individually and as team players.
  4. Go karting can be an excellent indicator of how people respond to testing situations. 
  5. You'll be able to assess group behaviour in a fast-paced environment.
  6. Racing gokarts encourages competition but in a non-confrontational way.

The Practicalities

One of the big practical benefits of this activity is the lack of seasonal restrictions. If it’s summer, enjoy a session outdoors. In winter, an indoor go kart track is the way forward.

You can host a team building karting event any day of the week or in the evening.

It’s suitable for small to medium sized groups. And no experience is needed.

Sessions can be as short as 60 minutes or as long as 2 hours. They tend to be timed by the half hour so you can choose between: 60, 90, 120 or 150-minute sessions.

What’s Included?

Check beforehand exactly what is included at your preferred location. However, typically, you get full instruction plus all necessary equipment (helmets, gloves, overalls). You will need to wear appropriate footwear. An old pair of trainers is ideal.

The Format

Standard sessions at kart racing tracks tend to follow a grand prix format.

At the start, the team is briefed on safety. The structure of the session is described so everyone’s clear on what they have to do.

You will typically get:

  • A pre-race briefing
  • Practice laps
  • Competitive heats (4-8 laps)
  • A grand final for the fastest drivers/teams
  • Trophies and prize presentation for the winners at the end.

(Photos on this page are courtesy of OffLimits UK)

Can I Run an Event Myself?

fast gokarts corporate team building activities

There are three ways to go about organising a karting event.

  1. Book a session direct with a karting track and run the event yourself.
  2. Book through an external events company and get a facilitator to run the session.
  3. Ask an external company to build a bespoke track on work premises. It could be at a factory, warehouse or office car park. It’s possible to hire racing gokarts, winners’ podiums, race marshals and safety gear.

However, if you want the definitive experience it’s better to visit a purpose-built track. Also much easier!

Wondering whether to use a professional facilitator?

There are benefits of going down this route.

An experienced facilitator will take control of the organisational side of things. You’ll be freed up to participate or watch.

You’ll also get a post-race analysis and evaluation. This is vital if you want employees to put what they’ve learned into practice in the workplace. A facilitator will reinforce the positive results of teamwork synergy at the end.

Participants leave with that vital nugget fresh in their minds.

The con is that it’s often the more expensive option.

However, you’ll have a better chance of getting the desired outcome as that’s what you’re paying the facilitator for!

Here’s a clip of a professionally organised session:

Can Karting be Customised?

Many external companies offer customisable race sessions. These often come complete with champagne and prizes.

Planning to book and run the activity yourself? Just bring a couple of bottles along. It adds a nice finishing flourish to the event.

There are plenty of other ways you can customise go karting.

For example, get everyone to choose fun race names at the start. (See our section about team name ideas for inspiration).

Or print t-shirts, banners or stickers for helmets with your company branding. Or maybe create your own custom made trophies or prizes.

Heard of Endurance Racing Gokarts?

This is the full-fat, full-sugar version.

Excellent for improving collaboration skills, this option requires cooperation, time management and clear communication. It’s designed to replicate the real Formula 1 experience. Every single member of the group has a role to fulfil. If they don’t, the wheels fall off.

If you want to work on team goal setting, this is a smart choice.

Here’s how it works...

It’s called endurance karting for a reason. Sessions are challenging, non-stop, tactical team events.

Split into teams, jump into fast go karts and compete over a period of several hours to see which group overcomes challenges to get the best time.

Endurance karting requires teams to decide when to make pit stops and driver changes. Participants will also be thrown a curved ball during the session. A flag change will occur unexpectedly and enforce a change of driver. How will they handle it?

That particular situation can help you with managing resistance to change.

Teams will see that change needn’t necessarily be problematic. Also that it’s easier to handle if you're part of a strong team.

Check out this video clip and see for yourself...

How Much Does A GoKart Session Cost?

Track sessions with racing gokarts vary according to venue.

However, it is one of the more affordable corporate team building activities.

Prices quoted are per driver or session. As a general rule of thumb, you can expect to pay upwards of £20 ($40) per person per hour.

Ask about discounts for big groups. Most kart racing tracks will give you a deal if you have over 30 drivers.

A final word of advice:

Book in advance! Even the larger tracks have a finite number of electric gokarts available at any one time. Booking ahead is the only way to guarantee you can ‘arrive and drive’ as the industry puts it.

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