Races2U, LLC (USA)

by Warren Peck
(Austin, Texas)

Too often, we focus on star performers without realizing that supporting roles play a very important part in getting a job done. A salesman can make a huge sale of a product, but without manufacturing to build it, shippers to move it, and accounting to ensure it is paid for, all his work is for nothing.

In racing, we may know everything about a particular driver, but we tend to forget that without a good pit crew, the driver would be nothing. Certainly we wouldn’t expect Michael Schumacher or Danica Patrick to get out of their cars, change their own tires, gas up, and get back on the track all by themselves. They need a good team.

Even the best performers can use a coach- someone who sees the bigger picture. In racing, a driver on the track sees the road and cars directly in front of him/her, while a teammate in an elevated position can see the whole track and warn of possible problems ahead.

Races2U® works with companies to take the team-building lessons of racing to thier employees and make it real for them in a way that no powerpoint presentation possibly could. Races2U® slot car racing is a great way to drive home the point- No pun intended.

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