Printable Trivia Quizzes Get Teams on Top Form

Printable trivia quizzes are perfect for an easy and cheap team building indoor event. This page has links to some helpful resources and tools. 

printable trivia quizzes

We also discuss the option of using quiz professionals.

Why Run Quiz Events?

The whole point of corporate team building activities is to get groups working together as a cohesive unit.

Printable trivia quizzes are an especially good choice if you have a new team who will benefit from a fun bonding exercise. Or maybe you're planning an activity with an existing team ... and want a structured event with a purpose.

On a practical level, the quiz format:

  • allows anyone to join in, regardless of age or physical capabilities
  • is suitable for large and small groups from 10 to over 200, and
  • isn’t subject to seasonal restrictions.

Most quiz-based activities take approximately 2-3 hours.

Five or six different rounds is ideal. Any more and you tend to run into timing issues.

The DIY Options

The obvious benefit of printable trivia quizzes is cost. Or lack thereof!

It’s an excellent corporate event solution that ticks the team building boxes and won’t blow the budget sky high.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, printable trivia quizzes are readily available online. The good old internet is a gold mine of information and resources:

  1. here's some freebie resources for you.
  2. For a wider variety, take a look at Python Printable Games.                                   Python offer stacks of reasonably priced printable trivia quizzes and games organised by genre. You can choose ‘plain’ trivia with no visible answers. Or multi-choice sheets with four options and questions that require you to match subjects to facts. Subjects range from sports to movies, TV and the worst moments in celebrity history!
  3. If you want to create your own quiz, use a trivia wizard. Honestly, if you haven't used a trivia wizard, you are making things far harder for yourself than you need to!

Running a quiz event yourself is so easy and cost-effective with this type of tool.

A trivia wizard allows you to:

  • Compile a complete trivia event pack from a huge database of fun trivia questions, and
  • Print out trivia question and answer sheets as required.

This great trivia wizard is simple to set up on your computer and incredibly user friendly.

Give it a go, and you'll see what I mean.

Planning and Running Your Own Event

A productive trivia teambuilding activity isn’t just about sourcing suitable questions.

You'll also need to consider the following factors:

  1. Venue – where will you hold the event? Halls, hotels, local pubs and restaurants are all excellent venues.

  2. Sourcing tables and chairs – make sure you have enough for all participants

  3. Equipment – do you plan to include music and film/ad clip rounds? If so, you'll need to sort out audio/visual equipment. Don’t forget a microphone!

  4. Catering – are you going to feed teams? A simple snack buffet or even peanuts and chips will do the trick.

  5. Prizes – it doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. But it is good form to include a prize for the winning team. Perhaps something they can do or enjoy as a group?
fun trivia questions winning team

How Much Do Printable Trivia Quizzes Cost?

If you choose to go down the DIY route, expect to pay $20 to $40 for a total quiz event package.

Super cheap! Of course, you'll also need to invest a fair amount of time in organising the event.

Professionally Run Trivia Events

Ok, so this is a much more expensive option.

However, the external route is the way forward if you want:

  • Specific issues to be addressed and outcomes achieved
  • A well-organised and smoothly run event

External companies are a godsend if you don’t have the time or inclination to organise everything. They handle planning and running the whole event on your behalf. Professionals offer everything from bespoke rounds to fun trivia questions.

You give them a brief outlining what you want to achieve. They have the job of delivering the goods!

You’re not just paying for their expertise and experience. Trivia event professionals tend to use more modern equipment and fresh formats.

Interactive quiz events are becoming particularly popular in the UK. Paper and pencils are giving way to touch screens and ‘fastest fingers on buzzers’. These types of formats are designed to be more relevant to a modern audience.

Here’s an example:

Finally, professionals assume compere and technical responsibilities.

Corporate team building activities can get pretty competitive. An experienced facilitator will make sure equipment works, rules are followed and heckling is kept under control!

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