Our African drumming lunch break...

<small>Photo courtesy of Rhythm Konnections</small>

Photo courtesy of Rhythm Konnections

Our team building activity was a well-kept secret. Only a few of the team knew we'd arranged an African drumming session as a lunch time activity on our field trip.

We'd billed it as 'mystery team building' so there was lots of speculation, and perhaps a bit of apprehension.

The bus pulled up next to a sports field. Sixty people piled out - and then had to wait, suspense building - until everyone was ready to go inside the clubhouse (note to self: next time, think of how long it takes for this many people to use limited bathroom facilities!)

Eventually we opened the doors, and everyone walked inside.
Exclamations all round... Anticipation ...
The room was set up with African drums in a circle - one for everybody.

The drumming leaders had us start with some basic drumming patterns as most of us had never drummed before. And then had different parts of the group learning separate rhythms and coming together in several different sequences and harmonies. I was amazed at what great music we were making together after such a short time.

The teambuilding drumming activity was definitely a success. Energising and fun - it was the highlight of our field trip.

The company we used was based on the Gold Coast, Australia called Rhythm Konnections. I found them through a friend's recommendation.

They did a great job with our team of about 60 people, and seemed to adapt easily to working in a small community hall in the southern suburbs of Brisbane. They provided all the drums plus the facilitators, and had everything set up for when we arrived. Very easy!

So why did we choose corporate drumming for our teambuilding? There were three main reasons:
  1. We thought it would help our newly formed business unit build a greater sense of unity and cohesiveness - it did!

  2. Our team consisted of a wide range of ages, and people from different cultural backgrounds. Drumming has universal appeal, isn't too physical and you don't need to talk!

  3. We wanted something that would take less than one hour but be memorable and fun.
    WOW - full marks on this point!

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