Noddys Knockers (touch football)

by Buzz
(Perth, Western Australia)

This was a touch football team that I played a few games for. There were plenty of other great team names in the competition like the Couldabeens, The Rejects, The Bench Warmers, The Touch Ups and one of my favourites the Niggling Groin Injuries.

Now the The Rugby World Cup has just ended and obviously there were no cool names as they were all national sides. Some of them are known by their nicknames like the All Blacks and the Wallabies, but none of them made me laugh. But what did amuse me was some of the lookalikes, players, coaches and referees that looked like stars of TV, movies and cartoons. You can see them in this The Rugby World Cup 2011 Report Card

I hope that you like them, I'm sure that all Rugby fans will.

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