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Benefits of Listing with Us

  1. It's entirely FREE. (Upgrade options will be available soon at a cost, but our basic listing will always remain free)
  2. You get an entire page on our site about your business, not just a brief paragraph. 
  3. Customers will have the opportunity to add comments and testimonials to your profile page. 
  4. Our growing website will provide another way for potential customers to find out about your business.

Very few directories allow an interactive experience for web surfers. Our directory does, with its comment and rating feature. And what's more … you can choose to be automatically notified when someone leaves a comment on your profile page. Research shows independent testimonials are one of the best ways to sell your services to new customers. This could be a powerful passive marketing tool for your business.

Hints and Tips for your Listing

It's simple to list your company with us….

  1. Get Prepared
    • Write a brief description of your company. Have this handy in any word file or text editor.
    • Create a picture file of your website home page (optional but recommended. Find out how.) Save this to your computer ready for uploading to our site
  1. Fill in the Form

    • Enter your company name.
    • Copy and paste the pre-written description of your services
    • Upload your web screenshot graphic
    • Accept the submission guidelines and hit submit.

IMPORTANT: You are welcome to include your business web address (non HTML), e-mail address and phone number in your submission. However, I reserve the right to reject submissions which I consider do not meet other elements of the submission guidelines.

What About A Link Back to Your Website?

A directory listing or link on my site won't offer much value to your business unless I get a lot of traffic to my website. I'll only attract that if I offer value to my site visitors in the form of high quality information they're looking for..

So to obtain a link back to your company website from your directory profile page, I'd like to ask you to help me create a WIN-WIN-WIN.

Please submit some content of benefit to my readers and I'll provide you with a link in return.

This isn't too hard, is it? I know many teambuilding companies and consultants have already prepared useful material.

By doing this:

  1. You'll WIN .. because it will be easier for potential customers to find you, and you'll get a link at no charge.
  2. My customers will WIN ... by having access to better quality information
  3. I'll win, as my website will grow and hopefully attract more customers ... 

which in turn will help you WIN even more!


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Footnote: How to Make a Screenshot Graphic of Your Webpage

There are many software options available to assist you capture web pages as a graphic.

If you don't want to download software, and don't mind a twisting pathway, try this (Microsoft Windows) workaround:

  1. Open your website home page
  2. Go to top menu bar – View. Choose Full Screen
  3. Press Print Screen key on your keyboard
  • It will seem like nothing has happened
  • The image has actually been saved to your clipboard
  • Move your mouse to top of screen and the tool bar will reappear
  1. Open Microsoft Powerpoint or other image software
  2. Choose Paste from Edit menu (or Control V)- your screen shot image will be pasted into the Powerpoint file
  3. Crop image if required using picture tools. A horizontal rectangle looks best
  4. Right click – save picture to file. Please name it: Screenshot your company name

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