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Perfect for Sports Quiz Questions

Here’s a great source of NFL and NBA team names …plus team and players’ names for baseball, hockey and soccer leagues too.

Make your own sports trivia and quiz questions!

I’ve found a website that has all the major American league team names and top 25 players in one handy location. It also has international soccer club team names.

Check out 

I don’t think you’ll find anywhere else on the web with all the major hockey, soccer, MBL, NFL and NBA team names in such easy drop down lists.

So You Want to Make your Own Quiz?

It’s possible to pay for quiz questions and answers in an easy downloadable format.

However, if you want to do it yourself, here’s a few ideas on using team names for sports quiz questions. There are a lot of sports fanatics out there who really enjoy this type of quiz.

My website is global, so I’ve tried to provide universal ideas that will work with American NFL, MLB and NBA team names, and any other international team names lists of your choice.

The FansEdge website I referred to above has predominantly American league teams … if you want an easy source of team names and player lists for international football/soccer, take a look at

A Few Team Names Quiz Questions to Get You Started:

  1. How many team names can you name? Cities are not required

    (usually a time limit is a good idea. Depending on the knowledge of your audience, 60 seconds may be enough for NFL Team Names. For NHL Teams, you might want to make it a “30 Teams in Five Minutes” challenge)

  2. What is this team? The New York _________, The Chicago _____________.

    (a ‘fill in the blank’ type of question is a very easy quiz question to put together)

  3. Name 5 players who’ve played in the super bowl/ NBA final/World Cup soccer final

    (ask for their jersey numbers too ie – call it “Watch my Back”. Or the Soccer, NFL or NBA Team Names as well if you want to make a tough quiz question for die-hard fans)

As an aside, the FansEdge sports memorabilia, T-shirts etc would be an excellent source of prizes for your sports quiz or trivia night. If you’re after football memorabilia or gifts, including items signed by international World Cup legends, then either or is likely to have everything you need.

Sample Sports Quiz Questions using Team Names

Examples here include:

  1. Name the teams with a ‘j’ in their name (or other letter)
  2. Which team in the NBA (or other league) has the longest name?
  3. Name two teams that have the letters ‘a’, ‘t’ and ‘y’ (or other letter combination) in them.
  4. Name three teams that start with the same letter they end with.

If you enjoy testing your creativity when making your own quiz, you could also come up with a ‘team name origins’ quiz. For example, you could create clues to come up with quiz questions and answers like these:

  • Which NBA team name is based on a group of daring men who were determined never to surrender (Answer: Cleveland Cavaliers)
  • Which NBA team name refers to pants worn rolled up just below the knees by early Dutch settlers (Answer: The New York Knicks)

Quiz Questions = Match the Team

These are great for printable quiz questions.

  • Prepare a list of team names on one side of the page and cities on the right – quiz teams need to match the team with the correct city
  • Develop quiz questions where the aim is to match the team name with the team logo.

    If you’re into football, you can’t go past the website of to help you create this second kind of sports quiz question. Click on the Shop by Team button, and you’ll see the full list of soccer team names and their logos. For quiz masters, it couldn’t be easier!

A Team Names Picture Quiz Idea

The idea here is to assemble a page of photos of teams and players. Quiz teams have to name the team, player or both.

You can make this a bit easier if you provide the answers on a separate sheet, and trivia teams just have to match the photo with the player/team.

A variation on this could be to buy an autographed photo ( has some fabulous ones from as low as $25). Ask trivia teams to name the player, and answer as many factual questions as they can about that player.

At the end of the night, the team with the most right answers could win the framed photo as a prize.

Or if your trivia night is a fundraising event, you could auction off the photo or other memorabilia at the end of the evening. 

Anagrams and Word Puzzles

Team names often lend themselves to anagrams and other word puzzles. Putting together this type of quiz question requires a little more creativity.


To give you the idea, here’s a few anagrams of NFL Team Names for you to un-jumble:

BULLS OFF BAIL – Buffalo Bills

BIG COACH EARS – Chicago Bears







To make it fun, we haven’t provided all the answers! You get to solve the remaining anagrams by matching them with these NFL team names:

Seattle Seahawks, Dallas Cowboys, San Diego Chargers, Atlanta Falcons, Miami Dolphins, Tennessee Titans.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these suggestions for sports quiz questions using team names. I wish you every success with your quiz or trivia event!

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