Nature Demonstrates the Best Teamwork

Want examples of teamwork in action? This fun Coca Cola advertisement may be what you’re looking for. All working in military precision, a team of lady bugs, grasshoppers and other insects display great teamwork in this short, yet powerful video.

Each different team member had a job to do and completed it without a hitch. The clearest message to me was that without her other teammates, the task of getting the Coca Cola bottle, could never have been achieved.

I think this video would be good to discuss as a group. Some suggested discussion points:

  • What was each team member’s perception of the meaning behind this video and/or its key message?
  • What can we learn about teamwork from this ad?
  • Are any of the principles demonstrated relevant to our team, and how could they be applied?

Some of the possible insights team members may draw from this video include:
  • Good direction is needed. The ladybug is clearly the team lead and with elegance, guides her team to reach their goal. She demonstrates good leadership skills, as she leads her team to success. She never over shadowed any of her teammates. However, they did look to her for guidance, which she gave flawlessly.

  • Each member knew what was expected of him or her. Like clockwork, the team of grasshoppers and bees work together to get the bottle to the ground so that the other team members could do their part in rolling the bottle. To top it off, the butterfly runs interference by distracting the young fellow making him raise his arm just in time as the team rolled the bottle swiftly to their waiting lily pad.

  • No job is more important than the next. Although the butterfly had a small role, it was an essential one. For instance, if she didn’t land on the nose of the man, the team would have lost the catch. They most likely would’ve been detected when the bottle reached his arm.

  • Members of the team felt a sense of accomplishment as the team reached its goal.

These were some of the points I noted. What teamwork principles did you see in action?

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