Music Trivia Games are Great Cooperative Group Activities

Music trivia games are often a good place to start if you're looking for a team building idea. They are fun and adaptable. A trivia quiz suits small and large groups, and can be as basic or elaborate as you like.

Use this page to get tips and ideas on everything from sourcing music trivia questions to planning and running your own event. You can keep things simple with printable music trivia quiz sheets and games or explore the interactive events on offer through external events companies.

Music Trivia Games

If you’re looking for ice-breakers at the start of a team building away day, some music trivia will get everyone in the right frame of mind for activities that require participation. Keep them short and simple; the aim is to prepare people for the day ahead with a short and fun game. Try 80s music trivia or 60s music trivia; both always go down well and are accessible to a large range of age groups.

Check out Fun Trivia for free music trivia games that are short and simple but fun.

How do games differ from quizzes?

Games tend to be shorter, faster paced and based on challenges, whilst a music trivia quiz is question-based and suited to a longer team building event, particularly one that takes place in the evening.

The intros round on the UK television show Never Mind the Buzzcocks is a great example of how to make music trivia games alot of fun.

Check out this video clip to get a feel for the intros round:

Planning and Running a Music Trivia Quiz

Putting together a complete quiz that will fill an hour or 2 involves more than you might think.

Here are some factors to consider

  • Venue– you will need a good idea of numbers before you start thinking about a suitable venue. If you intended to play music trivia games or run a quiz in the evening, consider somewhere with a bar so people can get refreshments throughout.
  • Music trivia questions – this is the fun bit! The good news is that there are plenty of free resources available on the internet. Try and avoid focusing the entire quiz on one decade or genre. The best events include rounds on everything from pop music trivia to classical music trivia. The idea is to be as inclusive as possible and create a sense of unity within teams.
  • Try and keep things fresh and interesting from round to round. Music trivia needn’t simply revolve around band names and song titles.
  • Spice things up by using sound clips and music video trivia.
  • Music Quiz World is another excellent resource for music trivia questions and has a vast selection of genre and decade-based teasers. They are particularly good for rock music trivia and Christmas music trivia.
  • Don’t forget to consider the practical side of running your own music-based event. You will need to ensure there are enough tables and chairs for everyone and if using sound clips, your venue will need to have some sort of sound system in place. If you decide to include music video trivia questions, you will need to source the clips and AV equipment.
  • YouTube is an excellent source for clips.
  • Every quiz needs a quiz master to lead the event and make decisions on allowable answers.
  • Prizes for the winning team and runners up are important if you want to up the ante and spark the competitive spirit.

Why Do It?

You can have alot of fun with music trivia games and quizzes but what about the more serious benefits? In short, what makes cooperative group activities such as this a smart choice for improving work performance?

Here are just some of the benefits of team music trivia games:

  1. Effective communication in the workplace – a music trivia quiz is an excellent way of highlighting the importance of listening as well as speaking! I’ve been to plenty and have often heard the immortal line; ‘why didn’t we listen to you?’
  2. Improved relationships – throwing people together in a relaxed and informal environment and giving them a clear goal can help to build relationships and improve poor teamwork.
  3. Teamwork synergy – music trivia games are great for bonding groups and creating a sense of solidarity. Whether they win or lose, groups come away with a greater appreciation of what can be achieved when there is a sense of unity and harmony within a team environment.

A music trivia quiz is a good example of what can be achieved through creative thinking problem solving activities. Include a cryptic round and a distorted picture round and teams will be required to think laterally and work together to discover the answers.

Music trivia games are a great indicator of group behaviour. You will soon be able to identify those who naturally try and assume a leadership role and the individuals who act first and think later!

Using an External Events Company

Working with an external events company is a good idea if you don’t have the time or resources needed to source your own music trivia questions, and plan and run an event.

It may seem like a luxury to use an external company for a music trivia quiz but they are good when it comes to event facilitation. If you have a large group and need to find a suitable venue, set up tables and equipment and actually run the event, all the elements combined can suddenly seem daunting.

Many external companies will customise music trivia games and quizzes to suit. You can request everything from blues music trivia to The Sound of Music trivia.

Another benefit of outsourcing is access to state-of-the-art equipment and fresh formats. No-one wants to pay for simple paper and pencil-style events anymore, so companies have raised the bar by supplying interactive events such as music video trivia. Teams have touch screens and scores are recorded electronically so there are no arguments at the end!

Yes, you will have to pay for their services but you will get a well-produced, smoothly run event. 

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