LHT Property Services go the
extra mile

LHT Staff With Mr Chan

LHT Staff With Mr Chan

Staff proved that they are prepared to go the extra mile when they chose to dedicate their annual team building day to carrying out a range of tasks suggested by tenants for their 'Challenge LHT' event.

Liverpool Housing Trust (LHT) Property Services Team tackled a number of projects on behalf of sheltered housing tenants including erecting greenhouses, re-staining garden benches, giving a communal garden a makeover, re-decorating a tenant's flat and cooking 'breakfast with a song'.

Mr Chan, who received a makeover for his flat in Stanley Terrace, Toxteth was more than delighted with the result saying:

"The team worked really hard to achieve so much during the day; this is a real bonus."

Five teams took part on the day at four LHT sheltered housing schemes. Residents at LHT's Suzanne Boardman House in Anfield were treated to a 'café takeover' which included food, entertainment, a quiz and a raffle while a second team worked outside to erect a greenhouse and compete a range of garden work including creating raised flower beds.

Over at LHT's Florence Court in Walton, more garden work was in progress to prepare for a new greenhouse and create a vegetable patch so that residents can grow their own vegetables.

Meanwhile, LHT's Morley Court residents in Knotty Ash enjoyed a carnival themed party and a performance from the local St Teresa's Majorettes team.

Chris Coulter, scheme manager for Suzanne Boardman House said:

"The day was a huge success, all the residents enjoyed the food and entertainment at the café and the garden has never looked so good!"

LHT managing director, Sue Westwater congratulated the teamwork saying:

"LHT Property Services completed a number of projects on the day. They are a great example of what can be achieved through working together with a shared goal."

Simon Brown, LHT director, asset management spoke on behalf of all the teams from LHT Property Services when he said:

"Staff came up with the idea, planned the day and put in the hard work to get excellent results."

Source: Company news article

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