Is there a risk that team building exercises can be seen as just fun?

by sanam


Is there a risk that exercises like this can be seen as just fun?

My Answer:

It is possible that your team will see team building exercises as just fun .... but my opinion is that having fun together is a good thing for a team.

If people learn new ways of interacting or new skills while having fun ... even better.

So the first part of my answer to your question is: do not underestimate the power of fun in changing a working environment or influencing team behaviour.

You may find this video showing the power of fun to change behaviour inspiring when thinking about what it can mean to 'just have fun' with your team.

That said, I think it is important that your team doesn't see a team building exercise as a waste of time.

To avoid this, look for ways to make the exercise relevant to your team and working environment. Here's two suggestions to consider for both serious and fun team building exercises:

  • choose a team building exercise that is designed to develop skills your team needs to use at work,

  • conduct a debrief after the exercise so that the team can discuss how the activity translates into learnings or actions they can put into practice in the workplace.

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Fun Has Its Place
by: James Coakes

We have a saying that 'fun is not a four letter word', which is to say that it has great benefits in terms of social team bonding and business should not think it's not useful.

The key thing is to have your objectives clear when you plan the activity. Sometimes all that is needed is fun and other times the team may benefit from specific outcomes. When that is the case well chosen activities can be really beneficial.

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