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Feedback and Testimonials by Other Visitors

Your site has great information for team building. I will surely recommend it to my colleagues.  Keep up the good work.

Reni, Wheaton, United States

Fantastic slogans and mottos! THANK YOU! 
Marta, Frisco, Texas, United States

Your site is full of wisdom. Only a few readings have taught me a life-long lesson. Thanks so much! 
Hanalei, Jacksonville

I enjoy your updates immensely. Keep up the good work. 
Kari, Pathfinder Outdoor Education

This is one of the best sites I have come across. Keep going team... Uma, hyd

This is a cool, fun site. Christian, Silkeborg, Denmark

I love your site. I've used your suggestions with my team with so much success. T. Ward, USA

I plan to forward your marvellous site - I'm currently deciding who would benefit most. J. Bruce, Australia

Nice site:) Shilpa, Fremont, California

Cool site and idea. Good luck! Stu, Bozeman, MT 

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to promote our team building programs in the Philippines. Jef Menguin

I was trying to get some appropriate quotes on the importance of recognition.

This site is the answer to my question. thank you! 
Anwesha, Bangalore, India

Awesome site packed with great tips and ideas. 
Jennifer, Hauppauge, USA

I will be presenting a workshop to faculty and administrators on American style teamwork and team building at the Holy Spirit Univerity of Kaslik in Beirut Lebanon. 

Your website provides very pertinent and concise information on the history and theory of teamwork that I believe will be extremely useful and instructive for our participants. Thank you.

Sheryl Sherwin, Teacher, Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School, Washington DC

Great site. I purchased one of the DIY team building programs - it was a wonderful success. So easy to run and lots of fun.
Tim, Sydney Australia

Thanks a million....found what I was looking for and much more!!! Joan, Miami Lakes, United States

It's a great site! Sam, Rome, Italy

Found some awesome's good that we can share our slogans on the website and get acknowledged too. Raju, Pune, India


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Please write in my Guestbook.

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photo scavenger hunt

Get your team to create its own story in photos.  Or set some team challenges and capture the results on camera!


Survival team building skills


fun office olympics games to play

Play, laugh and interact together with some fun team- based games and activities.

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