Fahrenheit Raisers (Cricket)

by Mani Trivedi
(Kanpur, UP, India)

After winning the NIGHT TOURNAMENT

After winning the NIGHT TOURNAMENT

I belong to a nation where Cricket is followed like a religion. Each kid aspires to be a Sachin Tendulkar and simply wants to be a cricketer. Even I had such ideas in my childhood.

I am a very passionate cricket player and lover. When I went to college for my graduation I met a full lot of such people who matched my passion for cricket.

Among them we selected together the best possible 11 and formed our dream team named FAHRENHEIT RAISERS. The name is a bit different but it had won us almost all the trophies and we were the champions for the entire 4 years of graduation.

The only match we lost was a friendly match to our greatest rivals the DRUNKEN WARRIORS. Our team was perfectly balanced with proper blending of all rounders, perfect batsmen and the bowlers created havoc on the field. The fielding was threatening.

Every team looked in the college to be like us but none matched our spirits. We thought cricket, ate cricket and dreamt cricket and it was this passion which made us succeed.

We later on also organised tournaments and were victorious there also. But every best thing has its end. After graduation each one of us were placed in different companies and were located to different cities and since then we have never played a single match.

The team now exists only in record books in our college and in our minds. But still its memories kindle our hearts and souls.

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Team memories live on ...
by: Ali from Team Building Bonanza

Being part of a great team really does live on in our memories, doesn't it? Thanks for sharing your story, Mani, about the great times you had with your college cricket team.

Your team name 'Fahrenheit Raisers' made me think of an inspirational movie I like called '212 degrees' (you can watch it below).

The basic message of this 3 minute movie is that raising the temperature - in other words, your passion, enthusiasm, belief etc - only one degree makes a massive difference in results.

Thanks for contributing your team story to my site. Alison.

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