Dr Clue (Multiple Regions)

Dr. Clue is the world's largest team building company that specializes in clue-based, business-focused treasure hunts. During a Dr. Clue treasure hunt, your staff is immersed in a challenging, clue-solving adventure in the parks and on the streets of fantastic historical districts and neighborhoods around the world.

Along the way, participants explore vital business issues like brainstorming, problem-solving, time management, team communication, style differences, cooperation (vs. competition), adaption to change and innovation.

And they have a blast doing it! Consider Dr. Clue the thinking-man's "urban Outward Bound" -- for business!

Not Just a Scavenger Hunt

  • Most every so-called "treasure hunt" company out there asks you to fetch objects from a list of retrievable items.
  • These outfits are, in fact, "scavenger hunt" companies.
  • Dr. Clue, on the other hand, is the only teambuilding company specializing entirely in brain-stretching, clue-based "treasure hunts."
  • What's the difference, you ask?
  • In a Dr. Clue treasure hunt, your team's challenge is to crack a series of puzzles, riddles, codes and ciphers, each leading to a specific mystery location in the area.
  • Dr. Clue creates its sophisticated and brainy clues for the express purpose of business-focused teambuilding and group brainstorming. Teammates must lock minds and problem-solve together, manipulating data to "unveil the secrets." Scavenger hunts, on the other hand, are rather bland and simplistic by comparison.
  • Dr. Clue's treasure hunts are truly the "thinking person's" teambuilding program, rewarding brains over brawn.

    Visit the Dr Clue website at www.drclue.com

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by: Alison from Team Building Bonanza

Thanks to the team at Dr Clue for providing a great article for our website about Teambuilding Companies ... 7 Steps for Choosing the Right One. Read it for some useful tips...

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