Does Your Team Operate Like a
Well Oiled Machine?

Accuracy, precision, focus on quality and forward planning … Does your team have these characteristics? This Honda television advertisement shows the importance of small details that make the difference between a perfect outcome and failure.

Actually, I had to watch this video repeatedly. Not to get the core message, but so that I could really absorb how something so complicated, could be made to look so easy and complete.

Any team could learn from the effort demonstrated in this video to get everything exactly right. Each screw, wheel and wiper blade represents a component of the total task. Without every element placed in exactly the right position, and superb planning and timing, the desired outcome could never be realized.

  1. Just imagine each nut, bolt and screw as a member of your team. Each person has their own function and brings a skill or expertise. But without planning, coordination and direction, individual contributions can be meaningless.

  2. Now think about the vision and planning required to put this together. Someone had to visualize the entire scenario before it was created, plan the part each element would play, orchestrate the entire scene, and direct the placement/creation of each section. Would your team benefit from a greater focus on establishing your vision and final goal? How about forward planning … is this one of your team strengths? Or an area for improvement?

  3. Do you work for a large organization? Consider this ‘domino scenario’ as an analogy for the part your team plays in achieving a much larger, more complicated outcome. Whether that be customer satisfaction, a profitable organization or an end product.

    How does what you do contribute to the overall process? Do all your team members know how what they do affects others? In the video, something that would be impossible on its own was the tires going uphill. To me, this represents how it may seem impossible to achieve an outcome alone… but that goal magically become possible when all elements of a team are working effectively. Maybe there is another team your team supports … is the result you deliver to them as good as it can be? Does what you do enable them to deliver a ‘perfect’ outcome?

For me, the lasting impression created by this video was the intensive thought and incredibly detailed planning that had to go into each element performing exactly as planned to achieve the perfect result.

And it left me wondering how many times Honda’s advertising producers had to set up the pieces … and reset the entire process – before they achieved success!

Interesting enough, the comments below this video showed that some people who viewed it on You Tube didn’t “get it”. Therefore, you may need to debrief this video with your team if you show it to them. Communicate clearly what you want everyone to think about.

My suggestion would be to use this video to facilitate a discussion about visioning, planning, how quality outcomes are achieved, or perhaps the value of a clear and defined goal and the importance of focusing on individual steps to achieving it … whatever is appropriate for your team.

And I wish you every success in assisting your team deliver perfect results like a high performance machine!

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