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How to come up with great ideas for team names!

Creative team names aren’t that hard to think of, if you know where to start. Try these tips for coming up with great ideas for clever and amusing team names.

Are you stuck for ideas?

Feel a bit daunted at how to
come up with a good name?

You’re certainly not alone.

Coming up with creative team names is a challenge for many. Everyone thinks differently about names – what is an amusing team name to one person is just silly to the next.

And getting everyone to agree on a name makes the task even more challenging!

I’ve put together a few tips for coming up with clever names for a team. I hope this will make preparing for your next team building event easier.

Simple Rules for Coming Up with Creative and Clever Team Names

Here’s one possible strategy for coming up with a clever or amusing team name:

    1. Start with a word related to the activity you are planning to do.

        Brainstorm a list of common words or terminology relevant to your team event or  

        For example, for ten pin bowling, the words might be ‘strike, gutter, ten pin, alley,                
        spare, ball, pin, roller, lane’.

        I’ll keep using the bowling example to illustrate the next steps, but the principle can  
        be applied to all types of team activities. A team workshop to create a product
        campaign could have keywords like: innovate, creative, customer, business,
        attention, success etc.

    2. Pick one or more of the key words. Join them together or add an adjective. Pick
        something that has a good ring to it, and words starting with the same letter often
        work well.

        Examples using the bowling words include: Super Strikes, High Rollers, Gutter Gals,
        King Pins etc. Examples using the strategy words could include: Business Boomers,
        Inspiring Innovators, Canny Creators etc.

     3. Think how the key words might be able to be modified to make a creative name for  
        a team.

       ‘Strike’ may become ‘Striker’, so ‘Striker chicks’ could be a good name for an all
        women team.

    4. Use an online thesaurus to come up with similar words, or go to a rhyming
        dictionary site like

        Put in the terms and see what you come up with. For example, Spike rhymes with
        hike.... so your team name could be 'Take A Strike'.

    5. Think of puns or clever sayings using the keywords. Creative team names can often  
        be developed if you think of phrases using the common key words.

        Clever team names with double meanings usually work well. Examples here may  
        include: Rolling Thunder, Alley Cats, Lucky Strikes, Rolling Pins, Spare Me, Strike  

    6. If you want to get even more creative, look for a more complex pun, by thinking of
       words, phrases, movie titles or celebrity names that sound similar or rhyme with the
       common word list.

       Try swapping similar sounding words in and out of a phrase. For example: the Ten
       Pin Commandments, Gutter Fingers, Bowling Stones, Bad Spare Day.

Other Ways to Generate Ideas for Creative Team Names

Be completely random.

Look around the room, and see what words spring to mind. Maybe your eye falls on the goldfish bowl and the living room couch, so hey presto, a possible creative team name might be the Gold Fish Couch Potatoes. 
Another way to generate ideas for random team names is to get half of your team members to write down an adjective, and the other half to write down a noun.

Put the words in different hats, and draw out one of each...or more if you want a three or four word name. This might result in a weird team name like 'scary custard demons', but who knows...your team might find that kind of fun.

Or you could just make up a totally random name or word.

Believe it or not, people have actually called their teams: The Frozen Burrito Legion, Actionopolis Doreemi, and Togowohgobe. I guess the motto here is “if you can’t think of something cool, think of something strange”!

Use a random team name generator on the internet.

Random team name generators are usually more geared towards sports team names; however, they still might spark some useful ideas for creative team names, particularly for active team building activities.

(WARNING: Make sure your anti-virus software is active before clicking on team name generator links in search engine results. My tip would be to avoid clicking the ones where the descriptive text under the link is a meaningless string of random words).

Post a question on an internet forum.

If you’re really stuck for ideas for team names, you could try asking the global online community for team name suggestions.

Forums like or yahoo answers quite commonly contain questions from people asking for help in coming up with creative team names.

Maybe someone out there has the perfect name for your team, so you won’t have to think of it yourself!

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