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More corporate group activities.... our site is crammed with creative ideas to get teams working together better. Come with us on a trip into the wonderful world of wine tasting.

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Why is this activity a winner when it comes to teams and teamwork?

Mainly because there is a huge variety of wine tasting activities to suit all teams.

There are tons of different options on the menu.

You’ve got sniff and spit trials and guessing games. Speed tasting. Blindfold challenges. Grand vineyard tours and simple tasting sessions. Wine tasting can fill an entire day or take 2 hours. Variety is the name of the game.

Wine Tasting with Team Building Games

corporate group activities wine tasting

If you want to do more than just reward your workforce, try wine tasting with games included.

Games can be designed to be both fun and informative.

(Photo courtesy of Vinopolis)

See the ideas below for how you could incorporate simple problem solving exercises or activities that require creativity and collaboration skills.

Here’s a taste of what you could do on a wine tasting day:

Split into teams and play the bluffing game.

One team wears blindfolds and tastes the wine. The other feeds them true and false information about it. The tasters must sort fact from fiction to score points.

Arrange a session that includes a quiz.

In this option, teams compete to see who’s picked up the most knowledge along the way. Add a couple of bottles of vino, a guide to tasting wine or other wine related gifts as an incentive to win.

Corporate group activities winery management day

Try a vineyard management game.  
Think you could run a winery? This is one of those corporate group activities that require teams to use all sorts of different talents. It’s great for learning new skills to take back to the office. You’ll need to consider everything from budgeting to PR, marketing, health and safety and staffing. A real challenge!

Why Try Wine Tasting?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this is one of the all-time favourite corporate group activities.

There’s no denying that it’s a treat for the taste buds! However, there’s more to it than just quaffing a few bottles of the good stuff.

Wine tasting ticks a number of different boxes. On the surface, it’s a fun group activity. However, it has a couple of secondary features that can make it great for team building in the workplace.

  1. Employees will learn the fine art of listening!

    There’s a lot to learn in a wine tasting session. You’ll be learning a bit about the history of wine and the lingo. The importance of listening to others is often overlooked. Many a project has gone belly up because team members didn’t listen to each other properly in the first place!

  2. It’s easy to incorporate a focus on interaction, participation and communication

    Wine tasting is by its very nature interactive.

    This is not about sitting down and staring at pie charts. In fact, you’re likely to be standing for around half the time. You can make your corporate session even more interactive, and encourage participation through related activities and games.

    Check out this video to get an idea of what a highly interactive session can be like:

  3. It’s suitable for a high value recognition and reward event.

    There are a huge range of corporate gifts and team mementos that can be produced if you want your wine tasting to be part of a full-scale recognition event.

    From engraved wine glasses to custom wine racks or a wine cheese gift basket, there is no lack of related wine accessories and gifts to choose from.

Some Common Questions

Where Can I Try Wine Tasting?

If you’re looking for corporate group activities that aren’t limited by location, this one will fit the bill.

You don’t need to live in the heart of California’s Napa Valley to try wine tasting.

Corporate group activities vineyard tour

Nor do you need to nip over to the south of France. Though you could if your company will pay the bill!

From vineyard tours in Portugal to wine tasting in San Diego or the heart of London, your options are limitless.

This is an activity that can be enjoyed literally anywhere around the world.

Thanks to the incredible popularity of vino, there are wine cellars and specialist bars aplenty.

Can I Organise it Myself?

In some cases yes, in others no.

It all depends on where you want to go, and what you want to do. For example, Vinopolis in London heavily publicises their wine tasting sessions. All you need to do is call them, book a slot and turn up. I’ve been there and it is a real experience. The venue is huge and they have more different varieties than you’ve had hot dinners!

Not sure where to go? If you don’t want to spend time researching different possibilities, use an external events company.

Can It Be Tailored To Suit?

Yes. Lots of specialist wine events companies offer bespoke packages so you can design one to suit your needs and budget.

Many will come to your office or the venue of your choice. They supply the wine and hire of glasses and spittoons is usually included in the package price.

Any Cons?

Obviously everyone has to be of a legal drinking age to get the full benefit of the experience.

It’s not a great choice if you’re looking for corporate group activities for the morning! Employees probably won’t be too productive in the afternoon.

Also, you need to consider any non-drinkers in your team. Will there be enough activities they can participate in to keep them interested? Or are you OK if they choose not to attend?

How Much Can I Expect to Spend?

employee motivation and retention wine tasting event

As with all other corporate group activities, the cost varies. As a ballpark figure, you’re looking at around $80 per person.

Plump for a full-on day out and take a vineyard tour with wine tasting included at the end.

Or keep things short and simple with a 2-hour session at a wine cellar. I’ve been on a wine tasting activity in a traditional bodega in Barcelona that cost $60 per person.

We got to sample 4 bottles complete with a cheese board that complemented each one. I thought that was pretty good value for money.

On a budget? If so, you can keep things inexpensive and host an event in the office or at a team member’s home. Buy the wine yourself and host a simple session.

As a general rule, wine tasting isn’t the cheapest of the corporate group activities on the menu. If you’re looking for a mid-range event, put it on your hitlist.

Good For...

  • Anyone hunting for small group activities.
  • Those searching for adult team building activities.
  • Employee motivation and retention.
  • A half or full-day team building activity.

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