Try a Clay Pigeon Shooting Experience ...

A traditional or laser guided clay pigeon shooting experience will take your team out of their normal environment and way of thinking.

In only one to two hours, this type of outdoor team building event can assist your team learn about focus and concentration.

While the shooting is an individual activity, teams can compete against each other or try to beat their own scores.

The UK is often seen as the home of traditional clay pigeon shooting. There are many locations throughout England, Scotland and Wales to take your team for a clay pigeon shooting day out.

Clay Pigeon Shooting Experience Team building

However, one team building company in South Africa reports that 
laser guided clay pigeon shooting has become very popular with its clients.

Team Building and Events Management South Africa explains:

“It's low noise and there's no recoil on the shotguns. Just aim your laser towards the flying disc and fire. It's very easy to learn too.

All the team building participants shoot at one clay with a computer determining the order of hitting the clay. An indicator on the shotgun also gives instant feedback so that the participants can know when they had a hit. Spectators are able to follow the progress on the electronic scoreboard.

Laser clay pigeon shooting is not harmful to the environment and guns fire harmless infrared beams at reusable clays. Realistic sound effects are computer generated with adjustable volume. Up to 5 people can shoot at a time and launches can be set at various speeds and angles to keep things interesting.”

Photo courtesy of Team Building and Events Management South Africa. 
See their team building directory listing for more information.

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