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Beach Party | Pirate Super Heroes | Gothic

Hawaian corporate event theme graphic

Best Team Names for a

Event Theme IdeasTeam Names


  • sand
  • flowers and shells
  • Hawaii
  • buckets and spades
  • cocktails with umbrellas

Event Name Ideas:
Tropical Nights
Hawaian Luau
Surfs Up!
A Day at the Beach
An Evening in the Tropics

Wave Runners Silver Surfers
Sand Blasters Shell Seekers
Flying Fish Sand Rats
Beach Ball Babes Pink Flamingos
Tiki Torch Trio Beach Bums
Chicks on Boards Barefoot Bad Boys
Barefoot Bikini Babes The Flip Flop Crew

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Hawaiian Beach Bingo

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Best PIRATE Theme Names

corporate event theme ideas pirate theme graphic

Event Theme IdeasTeam Names


  • pirate ship
  • treasure chests
  • rope and planks
  • swords
  • kegs
  • coconuts

Event Name Ideas:
Treasure Island
At the Captains Table
Pirate Fever
Pirate Cove
An Evening with Captain Hook

The Quartermasters Rum Runners
Pieces of Eight The Peg Legs
Landlubbers Gold Coast Gals
Salty Sailors The Mutineers
Capt. Kidd’s Crazy Crew Skulls and Crossbones
Maritime Marauders The Black Beards
Booty Hunters Barbary Corsairs
The Jolly Rogers The Buccaneers
Pirates of the Caribbean The Swashbucklers

E-book The Ultimate Pirate Theme Party
Downloadable Pirate Treasure Hunt
Pirate Bingo

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corporate event theme superhero graphic

Best Team Names for

Event Theme IdeasTeam Names


  • capes
  • masked men
  • bad guys
  • loot money
  • skyscrapers
  • spiderwebs and bats

Event Name Ideas:
Boom! Kapow! Wallop!
Superheroes and Villains
Time to Save the World
Superhero Masquerade
Comic Book Heroes

Daredevils The Arrowettes
The Falcons Black Racers
The Electras Cat Women
The Juggernauts Bella Donnas
Hellboys Wonder Women
Ghost Riders Power Rangers
Ninja Turtles Ice Maidens

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Corporate Event Theme Ideas Gothic Theme Graphic

Best Team Names for GOTHIC Theme
Event Theme IdeasTeam Names


  • Dracula
  • spider webs
  • skeletons
  • squid ink pasta
  • dark cocktails

These theme allows plenty of freedom from Dracula to all things that go bump in the night. Try some themed cocktails to polish off the night.

The Blood Letters Beetle Juice Bunch
Dark Existence Ghastly Ghouls
The Spooks Skeleton Crew
Phantom Menace Walking Zombies
The Ravens Emo Demons
The Dark Shadows Fear Asylum
Dogs of Doom Goth Goblins
Team Death Manic Panic
Mistresses of the Dark Creatures of the Night

Our recommended supplier of downloadable themed treasure hunts and games doesn't offer a purely gothic theme. But their
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may be a perfect match for your corporate, fundraiser or charity event ideas.

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