Caucasian Sensation

by Alex F.
(Rapid City, SD, USA)

The Caucasian Sensation was an intramural basketball team that I played on during high school. A core group of about five of us had been together for the entirety of high school but we added and subtracted players from year to year.

The team was only put together for intramural basketball and was formed initially to just have fun, but after 2 years of losing we actually practiced a little and had some different plays we ran in order to ensure that our team would be more competitive.

The team name initially was a joke because of the amount of Caucasian or “white” players that we had on the team. It was also poking fun at our lack of athletic and basketball ability.

However, it became a bigger joke our last year of competition when we took on 2 players of different ethnic backgrounds. Growing up in South Dakota both of the players decided that we would keep the name and that it would be even funnier because the team was not entirely Caucasian.

In the beginning we were not an especially successful team, however we did with the intramural championship at our school, and we went on to beat the other intramural champion from another school.

This was probably the best team that I have ever been a part of. Every single person knew their place and no one person was that much better than anyone else. Every game was an adventure and we beat quite a few teams that we had absolutely no business beating.

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Nice Story
by: Anonymous

I like it a lot

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