Business Team Building Activities ... Photography Event

Business team building activities based around photography are for anyone keen on a creative adventure.

All it takes is:

  • a bit of enthusiasm and
  • at least one digital camera per team.

Variation 1 - Treasure Hunt

In this business team building activity, your team has to solve clues on a theme and get creative with a camera to portray the answers. Re-discover your city or workplace …see it in a whole new way with a photo treasure hunt.

Variation 2 – Tell a Story

In this variation, teams create their own story in photos. Or you can give them different parts of a pre-written story, and set the team a challenge of constructing photos that respond to or represent each word or phrase.

team photo scavenger hunt


Group Size: Large groups OK if split into smaller teams

Program Length: 1 hour to all day

Location: Most suited to outdoor settings, but can be adapted for indoors provided sufficient variety of photographic subjects is available

Equipment Required: Digital camera/s

With the above ideas as thought-starters, you may be able to come up with other variations on ways to use photography in your team building.

One of the best aspects of creative business team building activities like photography is that there is a tangible output the team can touch and see.

Photos can be shared with the entire group at the end of the team building day or event. Why not have awards for the best/most inspired/funniest photos?

Perhaps have an exhibition back at the workplace or in a local gallery to extend the positive feelings from your corporate team building event beyond the day itself.

Benefits of Photographic Team Events

Photographic business team building activities can provide some or all of the following benefits:

  • Improve the way your team members interact
  • Improve support and trust levels in the workplace
  • Reduce stress levels in the work place
  • Develop healthy inter-group relations
  • Photos provide a platform for discussion and interaction
  • Identify teams strengths and weaknesses

Do you live in London? A DIY London photo treasure map can be purchased online for a very reasonable cost. See UK-based Shoot Experience via their listing in our team building directory.

Bonus Idea! – Add-on Activity

Why not consider hiring a professional photographer to add zest to your next corporate event or awards ceremony? Many photographers can provide an event photo booth service, complete with costumes, wigs and props. Your employees or guests can go wild and have fun being silly and getting a great memento of the event at the same time.

Another alternative is to rent a classic photo booth for your next corporate team event. Or download photo booth software PartyBoothApp (about $40) which turns any computer with a webcam into a photo booth. You can still have heaps of fun with this even though the output will be of lower quality than professional photographs.

Bonus Idea! – FREE Team Building Option!

My company introduced an employee photo competition last year, and it was so popular, it was run again this year.

Easy to organize, employees are invited to submit photos on a theme or multiple themes. We had a work category as well as outdoor and environmental themes… you can choose whatever suits your team.

A good option is to have a ‘best kid’s photo’ category to allow employee’s families to join in the fun! All photos are displayed in the company foyer on a simple bulletin board after judging is complete.

Who do these type of business team building activities suit?

  • A key advantage of Photographic Team Events is that no special skills are required. The activity can be modified to suit highly talented creative employees or team members with limited photographic ability.
  • Photographic business team building activities can also be easily designed to be suitable for all ages and physical capability levels.
  • The visual and creative focus makes it an excellent choice for cross cultural or other teams where language and literacy levels may be an issue.

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