BollyBeatz (India, Singapore, USA)

by Nidhi Mehta
(Singapore, India , USA)

Bollywood Dance Workshops - Think out of the Box!

Dance is the ultimate icebreaker, showstopper and smile-maker!

Dance is a great way to break down barriers, create common ground and teach people the value of listening and learning together. The team building event, is a powerful unifying message which cuts through language, gender and age, breaking down barriers both vertically and laterally with in organizations and thus enhancing communication. It is the most fundamental way to reduce stress and learn to work together, celebrate success, and build community and team spirit.

Our Bollywood "MASALA" sessions are a chance to explore and discover the Bollywood dancer within you and your team

In the Bollywood workshop, participants are taught simple Bollywood dance steps and before they realize it, the whole group begins dancing. These steps are gradually built as a sequence - first footwork, then hand movements followed by eye and facial expressions until all are combined. Within a very short period participants are able to learn an entire dance routine.

We have a repertoire of Bollywood dances, from simple to complicated, that are incorporated in a session depending on the skills and the energy of the group. Our instructors bring out the best in people, emphasizing individual creativity. Our artist's instructions are light-hearted and empowering in the teaching of dance.

By the end of the session, participants will leave the workshop smiling, humming the music in their head and practicing the hand movements on their way out!

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