Blue Angels: The Power of Teamwork (TeamTube! Video)

The Blue Angels, the US Navy's world renowned flight exhibition team, is famous for its amazing aerobatics. But its teamwork is no less amazing if you think about what it takes to perform consistently at such a peak level of precision and performance.

The foreword to a gift book which is available to accompany this free movie (see details at the end of the video clip), says:

To say the Blue Angel's teamwork is above average is an understatement; better put, it's abnormal. When it comes to team trust, they're well outside of the bell curve.

“Trusting someone to deliver a package on time, score a goal or deliver a sales pitch each represent a certain degree of trust. Trusting someone to fly at you at a combined speed of 1000 mph, passing within inches of your aircraft, is another.

While we aren't all part of an elite team like the Blue Angels, studying the way they operate can give us some insights into 'normal' teamwork and how to improve it.

This video covers the nine principles of teamwork used by the Blue Angels.

It also provides some good discussion questions for you to think about in relation to your own team.

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