Best Team Names for Themed Events 
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Find the best team names for your next corporate event here.

There are names for event theme ideas ranging from wild west to circus to medieval party fun and more!

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The following may suit corporate, fundraiser and charity event ideas.

Event Themes:

Wild West | Medieval | Circus | Show Business |

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Best Team Names Wild West Theme
Event Theme IdeasTeam Names

Wild West Event Theme Ideas Graphic


  • barbecue
  • boots
  • lassos
  • mechanical bull

Event Name Ideas:
Wild, Wild West
Home on the Range
Rock'n Rodeo
Western Hoedown
Indian Chiefs Gold Nuggets
The Real McCoys Bang-Bang Bunch
The Marauders High Plains Drifters
The Posse The Bank Robbers
Bull Riders Head Honchos
Mavericks in Training Red Dead Redemption
Gun Slingers The Medicine Men
Team Gold Rush Team Ker Pow
Plain Justice Gold Miners
Bad to the Bone The Pistol Petes

Ebook “Ultimate Wild Wild West Event”
Old Western Treasure Hunt
Western Theme Bingo

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Best Team Names MEDIEVAL Theme

Event theme ideas medieval graphic

Event Theme IdeasTeam Names


  • castles
  • knights and maidens
  • goblets
  • bows and arrows
  • quests
  • The Holy Grail

Event Name Ideas:
A Step Back in Time
Medieval Nights
A Night in Camelot
Jest the Night Away
Medieval Madness
The Fair Maidens Kings of Camelot
Wicked Warlords The Battering Rams
The Barbarians The Bow Masters
Dueling Duchesses Knights in Armor
Arrow Slingers Castle Stormers
Traveling Minstrels Robin’s Merry Band
Dungeon Masters Lords and Ladies
Dragon Slayers Ladies in Waiting
Jousting Jesters Merlin’s Magicians
Wacky Wizards Three Musketeers

E-book "The Ultimate Medieval Themed Event"
Medieval Games and Treasure Hunts

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Best CIRCUS Theme Names

Event Theme Ideas Circus theme graphic

Event Theme IdeasTeam Names


  • clowns
  • fairy floss
  • hot dogs
  • balloons

Event Name Ideas:
Fun Fest
Big Top Ball
The Circus Comes to Town
Step Right Up!
Trapeze Artists Lion Tamers
Mad-eyed Magicians Zoo Animals
Flying Acrobats Crazy Carnies
Juggling Jesters Circus Peanuts
Gum Ball Gang Lucky Ducks
Killer Clowns Cotton Candy Crew
Fun House Raiders Pink Elephants
Dancing Bears Fortune Tellers
Treasure Hunters Funky Monkeys

Ebook - The Ultimate Circus Event
Circus Theme Treasure Hunt Ready to set up
Circus Theme Bingo Game

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Theme Ideas


  • big lights
  • red carpet
  • everyone dress as their favourite movie star

Event Theme Ideas Show Business Graphic

Event Theme IdeasTeam Names

Event Name Ideas:
Lights, Camera, Auction!
Moonlight & Stars
Hurray for Hollywood!
Friday Night Fever
Hollywood Nights

Super Models Broadway Babes
Playboy Bunnies Wizards of Oz
The Three Stooges Lights, Camera, Action!
Show Stoppers The Keystone Cops
Prime Time Players Rock Stars
Super Starlets Vegas Show Girls
The Brat Pack The Marilyn Monroes

E-book The Ultimate Hollywood Event
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Hollywood Bingo

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