Awesome Teamwork Examples: Silent Monks Singing... (TeamTube! Video)

These amazing creative arts performances - shadow theatre and a highly entertaining rendition of Handel's Messiah - demonstrate great teamwork in action.

We all know theatre and other forms of performing arts require continual rehearsals and detailed choreography to achieve excellent results.

And that top performers require commitment, dedication and a clear understanding of their role in the wider team, whether that be a dance troupe or acting cast.

We can all apply similar success factors to our own work and teams.

So why not share these videos with your teammates? ...
I guarantee they'll bring some smiles, as well as create an opportunity to start some conversations about what contributes to successful teamwork.

Shadow dance theatre

Shadow dance must be the ultimate challenge when it comes to each team member playing a small part in a larger goal ... each person's role is critical to achieving the overall outcome, but it's not possible for individuals to see the results of their actions in real time. Each person needs to be incredibly aware of where the others are at any time, and trust the choreographer/director that the body movements they are being asked to perform will achieve the desired result.

Silent Monks sing Handel's Messiah

These high school students apparently practiced for months before school each day to prepare for this performance. It's such a simple and creative concept.... and very funny! The success of the show is due to each member playing their part, and obviously lots of practice to get the timing right. Watch it and smile....

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