An Inspirational Closure for your Next Training Program

This inspirational video asks a series of thought-provoking questions. And therefore encourages individuals and teams to think about what they can do to create a better, more united workplace.

It could be an ideal closure for your next team training program.

The video asks questions like:

What if I…

  • listened more
  • requested more feedback
  • walked in my co-workers shoes

What if we…
  • encouraged new points of view
  • celebrated successes more and
  • all respected one another.

Openings and closures are the make and break aspects of training programs. The first five minutes sets the tone and energy level for the entire session. Right from the time a trainer first speaks to his/her audience, it’s important to create an environment of positivity, cheer and enthusiasm.

This video is probably not suited to a program opening, because it doesn’t have a high energy level.

In my opinion, it’s much more suited to the closure of a training or other team activity.

Why? Because an ideal closure amalgamates all the learnings of a program.

The best closures are something employees will remember. They focus on learnings and new behaviours that employees can take back to their daily work life.

Many trainers try to design their programs with an inspiring end. To uplift employees and create attitude change. And because they know that inspiration leads to action.

You could follow their lead, and use an inspirational video like this one at the end of your next team meeting or training.

Videos provide great visual impact. Therefore, they are often remembered for a long time to come. This helps employees to remember and practice what they’ve learnt.

But the real benefit of this video in my view, is that it could lead to a new vision for your team members.

Of how they can contribute to building a stronger team, both as an individual and as part of the broader group.

Now that's something definitely worth having, isn't it?

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