Amusing Team Names? 
My Pick of the Best Funny Team Names...

My team name collection contains many amusing team names. But this list of funny team names brings together some of the best humorous team name ideas I’ve seen.

I’ve come across some great team names while researching this section of my site. There are some truly creative and clever people in the world …

This page is dedicated to team names that have touched my personal sense of humour.

  • Some are a bit silly.
  • Some I can imagine being quite hilarious if combined with a funny uniform or costume.
  • Others? well, you be the judge…

Amusing Team Names – A Few of My Favourites

The Team that God Forgot

The Cereal Killers

Wii Not Fit

Victorious Secret

Nuff Said

All the Secretary’s Men

Parole Models

Norfolk and Way / Norfolk and Chance

Gang Green

I also find team names amusing when a team pokes a little gentle fun at itself:

  • Wasted Potential
  • It’s not my Fault
  • Al’s Androids
  • Chihuahuas
    (instead of the traditional Tigers, Panthers, Lions kind of names)
  • Shorties or Vertically Challenged (on a basketball team, for example)
  • The Fat and the Furious
    (perhaps for a doubles tennis team or other pairs event?)
  • Seemed like a Good Idea at the Time
    (perhaps for a fitness or marathon relay team?)

Not quite so nice, are names which focus on the other team:

  • This Won’t Take Long
  • See Ya!
  • We’ve made better passes in a bar…
  • Pain Givers (opposite of pain killers)
  • NIL8 (annihilate)
  • Kiss my Pass

Maybe older age brings extra creativity, because some seniors and masters teams have come up with some really amusing team names.

Some of the great examples I’ve seen are:

Into Thin Hair

The Young and the Rest of Us

Twelve Bad Knees (or Torn ACLs as a variation)


We’re Old, So What

55 in Sight


Girth Matters

Naptime at the Finishline

The Eh Team.

Finally, no list of funny team names would be complete without mentioning:

  1. Names for teams that can’t think of a name. Like:
    • The Unknown
    • Helifino
    • Something Witty
    • Sleep on It
    • No Idea
    • We Don’t Care
  1. Names that players hope might result in an easy win…

    • Bye, Bye Round, Bye Week
    • Forfeit, No Show
    • Cancelled
    • Disqualified
    • Postponed, Rescheduled

I admire people who can come up with such amusing and creative concepts and team name ideas.

But my hat really goes off to people who can create something funny and clever based on the name of their town, work or business activity.

That takes real imagination!

Be inspired by these names…

  1. Grafton Corruption 
  2. (touch football team from city of Grafton NSW Australia)
  3. Macon Whoopee 
  4. (a minor league ice hockey team from the city of Macon Georgia)
  5. Hay Cutters, from the town of Hay in the western Riverina, Australia
  6. Hard Rockers (Dakota School of Mines & Technology)
  7. Missoula Maggots (rugby union team from Missoula, Montana, USA) … the old boys team is known as The Flys!

If you know of any more like this, I’d love you to add them on my
Share your Cool Team Names page.

Still want more amusing team names? Make sure you also browse my other team names lists.

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