A Video of Team Building Quotes

This video shows teamwork quotes and images set to music. It contains many of the great sayings in our team building quote collection. If you’d like to share some inspiring words with your team … perhaps to kick-start a team meeting … this will save you the work of putting a similar video presentation together yourself.

“Individuals play the game but teams beat the odds”

Different quotes will ‘speak’ to different people. That is one of the benefits of sharing this type of video. Each member of the audience is likely to see at least one quote they find meaningful or inspiring.

I particularly liked the quotes which show that it takes all kinds to make a team. Although we may come from different backgrounds, we can work together for a common goal.

As I said, each person is likely to ‘take home’ a different message from viewing this video.

The main messages it conveyed to me were:
  • Working as a team can help us succeed.
  • We can use each other’s differences and strengths to make a team better
  • Never be afraid to reach back and give a helping hand because in the end, you are really helping yourself too.

The quotes in this video emphasize how important the team is over the individual. Many people think by standing alone, they will obtain greater recognition and success. However, a star knows that it is the team that will make him or her shine brighter. And that by working as a team, everyone can shine.

Some of the images symbolize teamwork and working together despite differences. Like the big dog giving his little dog friend a lift. Or the two boys, one black and one white, clearly triumphant and having fun.

I encourage you to consider the quotes in this video beyond a quick, cursory level.

While watching the video, imagine how you can improve the way you work together with your team:
  • Do you need to have a group discussion about how you can take your team to the next level?
  • Perhaps your team can help lighten the load you’re carrying?
  • Or is it time to take the focus off yourself, and see what you can do to help your teammates become more empowered and fulfilled?

Whatever your situation, let this video of inspirational quotes renew your focus on collaboration and working together with those around you.

I’m sure you’ll be glad you did.

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